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When will I be able to run SONO's (player:1) from my google home device?

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No one in the public knows, yet. Presumably, the work they're doing currently for Amazon will end up being similar to an API, i.e reusable in some manner, although that's not a given yet. Once the heavy lifting is done on Sonos' side, we presume it will be easier for others to implement similar solutions. But there's not been any specific comments from Sonos about Google.
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Thanks for your reply Bruce, I guess my question was directed to the one's doing the heavy lifting... Wondering how far out it is in order to use my IA device with the SONOS. I have been extremely happy with my Sono's system; however I am quickly loosing my satisfaction and am considering alternative solutions. Integrating and working with IA devices should be top priority as they are gaining popularity and many homes; and homes are quickly becoming automated using voice command technology.
I hope the API does not take to much longer to be written and rolled out!!
It's been promised in 2017. Despite many of us assuming that meant early, it hasn't been released yet (although I don't know about betas). That being said, I'd imagine that they completely understand the need for an appropriate solution as quickly as possible. I can't imagine that they're sitting around playing Pokemon rather than working at all due speed on it.

But I also think it's a pretty complex problem, needing to interpret the vocal representation of the random room names, and arcane song and band names (some of which I don't think I can pronounce!) in order to function in any reasonable way. I'm excited to see what they come up with, when it's released. And I'll duly applaud the team, no matter what, due to the complexity of the issue. Any result will be impressive.

The concern I have for your side of this issue is that I don't really know how well you can make this into an API. Or how much of the API that they develop is of the whole resulting code. It may be a 10% Sonos API, and 90% third party (Amazon, Apple, Google, etc), which really puts much of the heavy lifting elsewhere. I'd guess that the current API for Sonos use is much more 80% Sonos, and 20% third party, since it doesn't have to deal with the whole "voice" issue. But who knows. I don't work for either Sonos, or one of the potential implementers, it's all conjecture on my part. Oh, and I'm not a coder by trade. There are those on these boards who are, and probably have a much better idea than I.
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Come on Sonos you are killing with my no Google home support. Please don't sit on your butt and let Apple eat your lunch. You have a better product for sound, if you simply support Google home fast people like me will keep buying more units and not get tempted by the Apple. Please hurry!
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So Airgetlam...
With google having a good infrastructure for building API's, I feel the part of Sono's is being delayed because they are trying to position themselves as the go to product... however if they don't get something out soon, many will bail out of Sono's and just use the IA devices...
Perhaps so, it's not an area I'm an expert in. But all the rumblings I have heard indicate that they're trying to do it "right", and not have a half-assed implementation. It's got to be a pretty serious amount of work. Think about how much variation there is needed in order to control all of the things you do with your Sonos app. Talk about a lot of voice recognition. I've got music that has titles that I don't know how to pronounce, and I'd be hard pressed to implement voice activation for a lot of those.
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Agreed... however all i want to so is say "ok google, play living room, or play sonos" and my sonos start playing misic... antthing further would be a bonus! So that being said... i may be selling my sonos and aget a second google home :S
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My guess would be, once Echo support is released, sonos will then announce google home development will start.
Hopefully they are working on both, at the same time in the background.
I don't get why people assume Sonos isn't doing all they can to make voice integration happen, or why Amazon, Google or whoever isn't a bottleneck in any way to get it done.

Personally, I would guess (and it is just a guess) that a major hurdle to integration that is on Amazon to resolve is link a specific echo to a specific Sonos zone. That way, you don't have to specify 'living room sonos' when your talking to the Echo in your living room. As well, you probably want Alexa to play all music on the Sonos your echo is linked to, but respond with the Echo speaker otherwise. At least that's what I want.

Also, I don't Sonos has to do anything with the voice activation tech, or translating your speech to a written command. Alexa should handle all that.

Last, mtjardine, you can do the kind of commands between Google and Sonos with 3rd party hubs/tools already. Yonomi is a free app, although I don't know if it works with Google, I've only used it with Echo. There is also the Lutron hub, which does work with Google and is better in my opinion...although it will cost you. Smartthings is an option to, although I haven't played with that very much since I find Lutron to work pretty well. None of this is a complete solution, but they are worth looking in to till full/better integration comes along.
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It is usually the grouping of rooms which is the bug bear. Sonos sees this as one of their main USPs as it was hard to do to keep in perfect sync, but I hardly, if ever group rooms, more of a gimmick for me.
Please hurry up with this Sonos! taking way too long.
'First off, they haven't even made any announcement that this is being worked on. Their current focus is the work with Amazon, on voice control using Alexa/Echo. Most of us are assuming that once that supposed API is polished up, that Sonos will open it up to other companies who want to implement it, at which time perhaps Google will want to avail themselves, and do the necessary implementation. But I seriously doubt that it's in process right now, as doing the double development process with two separate partners (Amazon and Google) would be difficult, and extend the development time.

I'd be delighted to be wrong, this is just my take on the situation. But to say it's taking way too long seems a bit harsh, as Sonos has only ever promised to release the integration with Amazon's Alexa/Echo sometime in 2017.
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Today, Google announced Google Home Max. This is a Sonos-like speaker with Google Home built in. The speaker technology seems to be superior to Sonos, and it is priced between a Play:3 and a Play:5. In other words, this product has the potential to put Sonos out of business.

If Sonos would release Google Home integration, I would stick with this company. In the absence of such integration, I will likely migrate to Google Home Max. I expect I am not alone.

I hope Sonos executives are listening.
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Having used Alexa and Google Home extensively, we have now pretty much ditched Alexa. Google's AI and integration is just better all around. We used to listen to music all the time through Sonos devices. We now use Chrome Audio to connect to Sonos through Google Home, but it's a clunky process - and I might be crazy but I think the sound loses quality. Surely Sonos can build a seamless interface to all its speakers from Google Home. Unfortunately as a long term supporter and buyer of Sonos products, unless this happens quick, I'll ditch Sonos and replace with Google Max. Come on Sonos - it can't be that hard. Otherwise Google will eat what's left of your lunch!
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I agree with the comments here. I have 5 Sonos products in my house but the integration to AI with google is key. If Sonos doesn't step up to the plate and figure out how to integrate to Google home I too will be looking to replace my speakers with google Max.

I also have Alexa and really it sucks, no idea why this was a more important investment for sonos over google home.
Kenz nailed it. I really want to stick with Sonos, but with Google's upcoming release of their Max speaker I now have a path to exit the Sonos ecosystem. December is the deadline for me. If Sonos doesn't release the integration, or at the very least commit publicly to a date the integration will be ready, I will jump ship.
I've got 8 Sonos devices, am pleased with them, am a Google Home user/fan (I bought three minis yesterday), and am hopeful Sonos will add Google Home integration soon. Frankly I am too deep into the Sonos ecosystem to consider switching now, but if I were just starting out, their lack of Google Home integration would eliminate them from my list of possibles. Will Home Max be as good as Sonos? Could be. If I were Sonos I'd be worried. IMHO they have to integrate with the big-three: Amazon, Google, and Apple.
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Just to add my voice to the discussion... I am in the same boat as many others. A Sonos and Google fan. Have hooked up a Chromecast Audio to my Playbar to call from Google Home, but it's not properly integrated.
If I was buying now, the Google Max would be looking like a good choice, but would really like to have the Google engine in my Sonos system - even if it is with a Home Mini in each room.
Apparently there is some commitment to Google integration for 2018 - but I feel if there is any way this could be sped up it would be good for Sonos.
Anything to speed it up would be great!!!

The new speaker really has limited appeal to me unless it will run Google Home. Alexa is good but not the best solution in my opinion.
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IMHO they have to integrate with the big-three: Amazon, Google, and Apple.

Good news, that's been their plan for some time!

Two days ago, when the Alexa integration came out, Sonos explained that Google assistant was on the schedule for 2018.

The new speaker really has limited appeal to me unless it will run Google Home

One of the core points about the Sonos One is that it will support not just Amazon's Alexa but other services (ie Google's assistant).

If you haven't seen this blog post, it really covers all these points and more:

It's a good summary of how Sonos plans to compete going forward. If they can pull it off, I think their odds of success are very good.
OK, so the Sonos One will support Google Assistant eventually. But will a Google Home device integrate with the older Sonos speakers, like Echo devices can with the latest update?
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Sonos has stated they're adding Google Assistant support in 2018, and the language implies you would be able to control all existing Sonos kit in the same fashion as with Alexa. These assistants are essentially only remote controls, so it's logical.

This blog post does a decent job of talking through the upcoming plans:
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I'm being tempted to sell the sonos and invest in Google Home Max speakers instead. I currently have an AMP, a play 3 and a play 5. hmm.
Google home mini with Sonos would be a dream setup. Yet, it will remain unpossible for quite some time here in Belgium because that Alexa/Home integration by Sonos comes with a twist. ONLY available in countries where there's support for Alexa/Home. Which is one of the stupidest thing you can do imho. So what about that Google Home Max ... It's tempting. Yet I do not plan to buy an expensive speaker every 2 years. But I'll also not wait forever. It really really is a shame that it takes this long and that it will come with regional restrictions. So for now, I'm holding on to my IFTTT account and my Logitech Harmony Hub.
Sonos is at the mercy of Amazon when it comes to having enabled voice control. It requires support to work, and if Amazon doesn't support a particular country with their software, Sonos has no ability to force such a thing.

So yes, I'm sure Sonos isn't pleased about people like you being left out in the cold, and I'm sure their putting as much pressure as they possibly can on Amazon to support all areas that are currently not supported. It's in Sonos' best interest for everyone to have access to this.