Google Chromecast audio dongle?

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Any compatibility between Sonos software and the new Google Chromecast audio dongle?
Or are them competitors?

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Compatibility? No. Competitors? Not really, because you can already cast Google Play Music to Sonos directly from their app.
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There's a product about to be released called a JoyDrome which turns a chromecast into an audio streamer. I'm going to plug it into my Sonos aux and use it for BBC & Pocketcast. Short term fix until other partners team up with Sonos
Competitors for sure, I'll be selling my play 1 and getting speaker of choice + chromecast audio. Only one reason for it; no Spotify connect on Sonos!

Really why waste time and money trying to duplicate Spotify app functionality when you can use Spotify connect, the official Spotify app is light years ahead of Sonos.
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Chromecast audio dongle got today. Works perfect added to my play:5. Now full chrome cast all sonos units. ... Includes then same as spotify connect allowing direct play from spotify app
Got mine yesterday, been playing with it this evening, casting local files from Android tablet to Roland/Edirol MA-15D mini monitors. Tried BubbleUPnP, which threw errors attempting to connect to the CC Audio. Downloaded the beta APK, which connects, but won't play anything to the new or original CC. Gave up and installed AllCast, which works. BTW, have confirmed that CC now supports FLAC directly, a major change.

Connected the CC via optical cable to the speaker's Toslink port to use the speaker's DAC. The MA-15D's were very well reviewed in their price range ($180/pr) for use as near field monitors in small spaces. Thought I'd compare them to the Play:1s. Level matched by ear, so not in any way a scientific comparison.

Both speakers have really good mids and highs, very clear at the moderate levels I prefer. Test album was Amel Larriaux's "Lovely Standards", which is truly intoxicating. Excellent recording quality, good mix of female vocals, piano and bass.

It's the bass where the little Play:1s blew the Roland's away. Extremely balanced, always under control, never boomy. The Rolands, like every other small ported speakers IME, have that boomy, one-note bass at a certain frequency, and the "boxy" sound that those of us who listen to ESLs find so objectionable. I don't know how Sonos does it, but the little Play:1s have none of these artifacts.

Anyway, the CC Audio works quite well, but requires quite a rats nest of cables compared to the Play:1s, which use exactly two power cables. The CCA requires a power block, a USB power cable, an output cable (analog or optical). Then the powered monitors require a power cable and a cable between the speakers. I'll probably add the CCA to a Connect for casting to Sonos. The Play:1s are a far better solution in my small office.

Too bad it doesn't appear to support YouTube, lots of good music there. What was Google's thought process there?

I am enjoying my Chromecast Audio connected to the line-in on my Sonos Connect. We can finally stream YouTube to the Sonos system. (Albeit out of sync with the video.) It also provides a much needed Sonos solution for the Chromebook.

It makes a nice complement to the Sonos in that it provides a good solution for computer to Sonos streaming.

Highly recommended for Sonos Connect or Play 5 owners with Line-In.
@Richard Lawler: Interesting! On Googles pages it says it can't do that:
"I’m trying to cast audio from YouTube but it isn’t working. I thought this was a Google Cast-enabled app?"
Chromecast Audio only supports audio apps and this currently does not include YouTube.

Does it switch automatically when it detects something on the line-in, so Youtube and Spotify just works without any fiddling? That would be awesome 🙂
It seems you can cast YouTube from a laptop or Chromebook via Chrome browser. But not from a YouTube app on iOS or Android.

You can set the line in to autoplay to any of your Sonos units when audio is detected.
Ok thanks, that'll do. I'll try Chrome on iOS to see if that works. Haven't bought a sonos yet, but I soon will 🙂


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