future of the 65k limit

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As I've said... if they can upgrade the players and I have to replace them to get the increased capacity, I'm in.
But how will your other players deal with this upgrade? The architecture needs all players to carry indexed playlists in their memories. Will you replace all?
IMO, with the focus on streaming services that will get a further push via voice control not being available to initiate NAS music play, this development has become even more remote now. And Sonos will have their hands full dealing with voice control fixes, improvements and extensions to look at this for a small part of a user segment that is itself getting smaller as a percentage of its user base.
Exactly. They've abandoned their core base that they founded their company on. But yes... I would consider replacing all seven of my players should they at least double their capacity. I mainly use mine for my music collection, and occasionally listen to Sirius, but in my RV, I'm mostly limited to my local library because Internet streaming is a nightmare.
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They've abandoned their core base that they founded their company on.

That's a bit melodramatic, isn't it?

Sonos hasn't taken anything away from you at all. What they've done is focus their new development on the functionality most used by their current customers.You can choose to take offense to that, but it's the only way for a smart company to stay in business.

Who knows? They very well might still deliver voice control support for local libraries. After all, this release you're calling a betrayal is a beta.
Not melodramatic at all, nor calling foul or betrayal. It's a fact. Sonos is no longer working on the local library functionality, the core component that got them on the map. It's been stated here several times by Sonos reps. Remember their 'all the music in the world' mantra before streaming services were even introduced? Became untrue quickly and dropped even quicker. But as I wrote... I'm fine with that, and I would replace all my gear with more advanced pieces should the native library storage be able to be doubled or even tripled.
uhm ok.