From Sonos to Device name is included in artist name :(

  • 6 January 2021
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The music I play from the Sonos app is registered in The problem is that the name of the used Sonos device is also transferred. The example below shows how my device named “ALRUM” is included in the artist name (Pavement). This is terribly annoying as I have to manually edit all registered plays on

Is there any solution for this?



5 replies

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Hi @envythezen,

Welcome to the Sonos community. Thanks for reaching out to us and letting us know about your concern.  

To help you out with this, allow me to ask a few questions to isolate the issue.

  • What music service are you using to play that station?
  • Do you also see the speaker name along with the artist name in the Sonos app?
  • Did it help if you will remove and re-add the music service?
  • How about using another mobile controller?


​It might also be helpful if you can submit a diagnostic report, just in case something stands out there. Please reply with the confirmation in your response. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns, I'll be glad to assist you.


Thanks for replying 🙂

1. I use various music services such as: Youtube Music, Google Play Music (before it was shut down), Yousee Music, and Telmore Music. It seems to be the same for all of them.

2. I don't see the speaker name in the Sonos app, only on my page.

3. I have tried to remove and re-add several of the services.

4. I have also tried various mobile devices.

You are welcome to acquire the diagnostics report. Do I need to do anything?



Just as fair warning, this could be as much on the side of things as it is on the Sonos, you probably should be engaging with the folks as well.

Very strange. I’ve scrobbled to for 12 years and it’s never done this. 



I asked about this on the and no solution seems to be available. Any news from your side?