[Feature Request] Additional audio sources

  • 20 December 2016
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Please consider adding the following:

1. In the Windows App can you please allow someone to use a "Sonos Sound Card" (ie: Virtual Audio Cable) to send computer audio to their Sonos system. Right now I do this with a virtual audio cable and an icecast encoder on my PC, then stream that to an icecast server (on a VM in my basement) which I have manually entered the URL into TuneIn. Having a built-in feature would be greatly appreciated. This would be a suitable competitor to Chomecast.

2. Set Top Box Integration. I use an IPTV provider which is connected to my LAN. I would like to be able to use this STB as a source for my home theater and for around my home. Using a Set Top Box allows me to not have to add additional hardware (the connect), however I think that will mean more people will purchase this as an option for their home theater and home entertainment systems. Additionally, this will make it easier to get lip-sync issues sorted out easier. my STB also has other audio services which the Sonos App does not.

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