Fast Forward/Rewind for Sirius XM On Demand

  • 27 April 2018
  • 7 replies

I know that this has been addressed already, but I need to add my 2 cents. It is very frustrating that you cannot fast forward On Demand Shows via Sonos (Howard Stern, Bennington, Sam & Jim, etc.) Is this something that is actively being worked on? It is very disappointing to not have this feature.

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7 replies

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Hi, Sheba17. Thanks for the feedback. While I have no information to share about this feature I will be sure to forward this along to the team for visibility.
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The whole point of on demand is being able to listen "on demand". What good is a 5 hour show if you always have to listen from the beginning each time? Let's go Sonos!! Fix this wicked oversight in your product software.
Agreed! This feature is needed badly
Yes, I couldn't agree more. This lack of a feature is causing me to look at alternative solutions. I listen to Howard Stern on demand and I have to restart every show. I'm having to download off the Sirius app and listen via bluetooth off a different speaker rather than leveraging my home setup. Frustrating!!
Ridiculous that you can’t fast forward or rewind when listening to, for example, an interview on Howard Stern. And if you get kicked off or close down you have to START OVER. Stupid. Help us Sonos
The lack of this feature PLUS the lack of volume control from macbook pro controls is annoying and very frustrating. Please move this feature/benefit/bug to the top of list. Otherwise, love're almost there!
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This bothers me to - if I am listening to on-demand cant fast forward or back.
I am MORE frustrated by the fact that I cant download shows and listen to downloads through my sonos.