Error, unable to connect to iMac music library

  • 17 December 2018
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When trying to connect to my music files on my remote iMac, the L.R. Sonos connect won't start and I get the dreaded unable to connect to iMac. If I first start the music in the kitchen..., and then group the kitchen's speakers to the L.R. speakers, it works fine. If I then remove the kitchen speakers from the group, the L.R. cuts out and the dreaded unable to connect displays. If I start the L.R. speakers with say spotify or pandora, it works perfectly on its own. This just happens to the L.R. speakers when trying to access my files on the remote iMac.

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7 replies

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Hi Soybomb

What are L.R. speakers? What do you mean by remote iMac?
LR Speakers are controlled via a Sonos connect. Remote iMac is my Desk top Mac in my office, first floor of the house.
I keep my music files on the iMac in iTunes. Never had an issue with this before. i can access the files fine with any of my 6 other Sonos zones
just in case... L.R. is Living Room
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Are the LR speakers powered or are they wired to a AV Receiver and the Connect incorporated via a line out from the AV Receiver to line-in of the Connect?
Wired to a AV receiver.
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Make sure that all rooms/zones are UNIQUELY named. The Connect should have a unique name as well such as "Living Room".

1. Unplug your Sonos speakers
2. Reboot you router
3. Update the Sonos app on your iOS and/or Android device
Note: Major changes such as adding rooms/zones are best done using an iOS and/or Android device. Other features once available on desktop controller are no longer available. Click the link for more info:
4. Delete the Sonos app from your iMac.
5. Run iMac update in "About this Mac"
6. Plug in your Sonos speakers one-by one
7. Name and/or re-name (as needed) room/zones using your iOS and/or Android device.
8. Set Line-in for the Connect to "Auto"
9. Download and reinstall the Sonos App on the iMac

You should be able to start playback from iMac or any Sonos speaker and group/un-group without any issues. Unless, you are using a range extender with different credentials than your main router, running the iMac on a guest network or doing anything that separates your Sonos and allows speakers/components to see more than one 2.4Ghz band.

Please post back and let us know the outcome after you have performed the suggested actions and/or verified the above.