Enhancement Request: Provide better organizational options to manage streaming radio stations

  • 8 August 2018
  • 3 replies

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With the large number of streaming radio stations available as you begin to accumulate a large list it because just a run on mess in "My Radio Stations". I would like to see some new features added that would allow you to organize them. By customer created "Folders". This way it could be any structure you like. If you like a challenge give us the ability to stack folders within folders.

But i will take something as simple as 1 level of folders to make finding things easier.

Is this on the development list or is there enough support to add it?

Please comment

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3 replies

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There are plenty of tuner services which do this for you. TuneIn, for starters.

I think you missed the point, If you goto "TuneIn" in the Sonos Controller, the only thing you have is a list of stations in "My Stations". If you add a station like one you subscribe to, it just adds to the list. I have several hundred stations I would like to add to "My Stations" but i'm looking for some way to organize this list. TuneIn within Sonos offers nothing to organize this list, which is what I'm looking for.

Maybe this request needs to go to TuneIn, but I expect Sonos developers built this interface, so they need to consider this request.
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So you want folders within "Sonos favorites", right? There is quite a small limit on the number of items in Faves (50-ish?) so I would imagine folders are unlikely. However you could give "easy" names to your Faves, then use voice control to play them. (Voice control can be a challenge on "real" radio station names).
There are plenty of tuner services which do this for you. TuneIn, for starters.