Duplicate Sources with Different Quality - How to differentiate.

  • 29 November 2016
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I have two libraries of music files.

One library contains all my music in lower quality format for portability as purchased on Itunes and other sources.

The other library contains my high quality flac files that I have ripped from my massive CD collection as well as high quality downloads that I have purchased.

All of the flac files have duplicates in the lower quality library. But I don't have high quality versions of many of the files in the low quality library.

I have pointed Sonos at both libraries. The problem I have is that when I choose songs by Artist, Album, etc. I see the duplicates where they exist but no easy way to identify which is the high quality version to play on sonos. Only if I browse the library by folder then I know which version I am looking at.

I wish there was a way to tell Sonos to only show me the highest quality versions whenever there is duplication. If this was a checkbox I could check then life would be better. Does anyone know a simple way to solve this problem.

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1 reply

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You could setup the lower quality using plex as music server. Then all low quality would show under plex category and all the high res leave as the Sonos indexed music library.