Does IOS Apple Music EQ work with Airplay 2?

  • 13 November 2018
  • 5 replies

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Running Apple Music on Iphone. Streaming over Airplay 2 to Sonos One. Trying to work out whether the IOS EQ settings make any difference. They do, but not as I expected. I played the same track on several different EQ presets and there was no change to how the music sounded. It seems you need to restart a song for the change in EQ preset to take effect. And when I changed between several presets within one song, and then restarted the song, the EQ cycled quickly between those presets without my intervention. Bit odd.

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5 replies

Wonder if that's more a function of the way AirPlay 2 works, rather than Sonos. As near as I can make the logic work in my head, Sonos really isn't part of the processing equation in that scenario, and only plays what it is handed to it by the AirPlay 2 stream.
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For the EQ to work instantly the EQ adjustment would need to be made on the playing device, because of buffering. I guess Sonos devices do have the digital equivalent of an EQ in their signal processing, but I guess Airplay isn’t able to control that directly. It would be interesting to know whether this was the same behaviour on Apple HomeHubs.
Agreed. And you have to wonder if the app you're using to send to AirPlay 2 doesn't make the change until it's re-initialized by starting a new song. Have you checked with just headphones to see if it's just an app rather than an AirPlay 2 problem?
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The app is Apple Music. When listening through wired headphones EQ changes made on the iPhone have instantaneous effect as you’d expect given no buffering required on analogue wired connections.
Huh, that's fascinating. Thanks for confirming. I still have to think it's in the AirPlay 2 interface, but as you say, it would be nice to know by testing on some Homepods. Which I don't own 🙂