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How can a send the sound from Djay 2 app on iPad to my sonos play 5?

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At this time the only way to do it would be to wire a cable from the headphone jack on your iPad to the Line In connection on the Play:5. If Djay 2 supports Airplay, then in the future when Airplay2 is available through Sonos, you might be able to use that instead.
So sad. DJay 2 actually supports AirPlay, but I’m not able to find Apple TV.
In the future, to have Airplay 2, would I need to buy new devices or I’d get airplay 2 through an update or something like that?
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From what has been said, only newer Sonos devices will support Airplay 2. No specific devices have been mentioned, though it's assumed that the new Sonos One is almost certainly a lock to get it since it's Sonos' newest device. What other devices or speakers will get it will surely be announced as release of the feature is closer. Whatever devices do get it, it will be a software update that enables the functionality once it's ready.

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