Disappointed with lack of support by SONOS for music downloaded on Apple Music

Bought the Play 1 about 4 years ago - great sound and was pleased with it for first 2 years.

Then starting in Year 3 there was a continuing problem with playing downloaded music from Apple- the Sonos would skip from song to song in the cue without paying any song to the end.
Had numerous contacts with Sonos support including diagnostics and discussions - but no improvement.

Recently saw the new policy of Sonos that they will not fix this problem. Only “work around” offered is to subscribe to a streaming service.

This is ridiculous - I already bought the music and am now being asked to pay for it again on a continuing basis! I do not want to use a streaming service.

At the time that I bought the Play 1, the sales pitch was that I could make use of my music that was downloaded to iTunes. I feel that Sonos has not not “lived up” to their side of the deal. I also feel that Sonos has abandoned me ( and others who do not wish to subscribe to a streaming service. I believe that Sonos should have created some form of “patch” that would have fixed this problem with the Play 1.

Annoyed and disappointed.

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If you read any of the myriad of other threads about this, you'd find that there are multiple options still available to play your iTunes music. The most voluminous of these is:


The one I availed myself of, several years ago, was to point the Sonos system at the hard drive where I store my library, instead of using up the battery on my phone. At a later point, I moved my iTunes preference to an NAS, and allowed iTunes to migrate all of my music, and pointed Sonos at that. Works just fine.

I do still occasional play podcasts from my iPhone using AirPlay 2, since I have a speaker that can accept that kind of signal.

One of the recommended solutions was to use an NAS. Unfamiliar with this device- I googled it but no useful results found - could you provide further description. Appreciated.
NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. It is a hard drive (or drives) that connects to your network and is accessible by any device on your LAN. It is just like the drive on your PC, except you don't need your PC running all the time to access it. Here's a popular model for use with Sonos:


One of the recommended solutions was to use an NAS. Unfamiliar with this device- I googled it but no useful results found - could you provide further description. Appreciated.

It stands for 'Network Attached Storage' drive. It connects to your router by Ethernet. For our purposes here you could almost think of it as just a hard disk drive on which you can store your music, although NAS drives are capable of much more than that.

A good, relatively cheap example is the WD My Cloud series, so Google that.

But before you splash out, consider storing your music on a computer if you have one. Or on a USB flash drive if your router has a suitable port.

Wherever the music is stored, you just have to enter the location into Sonos so that it can fetch and play it on your system.
If your router/base station has a USB port, it is worth seeing if music copied to a USB stick plugged into that port works. If it does, moving the music to a large enough stick may be all that you need to do.
Failing that, a NAS of the type in the link above.
Since last communication, have set up playlists on iTunes app on my PC.
Then set up Sonos app on my PC.

When I try to use playlists on PC, using Sonos app - it does not work.
Message received that Sonos is looking for a "m4a" file for songs - the iTunes files are "m3u" - no linkage occurring.

Any suggestions?

What folder does your Sonos music library point to?

Have you reindexed the Sonos music library since creating your playlists?

I assume you are looking for the playlists under 'Imported Playlists'? Do the playlists appear there but refuse to play? At what point do you get the error message?
On Sonos app, on my PC, the Playlists are contained under Imported Playlists. Each playlist is identified separately with a ".m3u" label.

When I try to use any of Playlists the following message appears:

Unable to locate file JCAOPKL/Playlists/ Song.m4a

This error message occurs almost immediately after starting Playlist.

That indicates Sonos is looking for the songs in the path "JCAOPKL/Playlists/" instead of in the actual track location. How did you create these M3U playlists? Do you also use iTunes playlists? What is your directory structure for your library (EX: /artist/album/track.m4a).

You also may want to edit the .M3U file to see what the listing says. Give an example here.
Here is a screenshot of the Sonos app.
Note the two different file names.

Yeah, nothing springs to mind. You should duplicate the problem and submit a diagnostic, then post the reference number here. A Sonos tech will take a look at the data and get back to you.
To further explain the issue, I have attached two screenshots:

Hi. It is ages since I ventured near iTunes, but your set up doesn't remotely resemble what I recall. My Music folder contained a folder path iTunes -> iTunes Media -> Music. Inside the iTunes folder was an XML file, called iTunes Music Library.xml. This xml held all the playlist info that came into Imported Playlists. I had no Playlists folder.

Why is your set up so totally different? How did you get here?
I downloaded the iTunes app, for PCs, about a week ago - no modifications made.