Digitizing LPs

  • 8 March 2006
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a digitizing program for a Mac? I have been using Final Vinyl (1.1.2) which worked well until this weekend when digital tracks it recorded had weird and strange noises in them, they would come and go, mostly come! Then today it refused to run at all, as soon as I hit "record" it went off into that land of software where no man has gone before. I tried everything except a reinstall; clearing out files, restarting, setting preferences. I then went to the site to find there was a new version (2.0) which I have downloaded and so far works okay. But it got me a'thinking - does anyone have any recommendations - just in case you know?

Thanks - Lawrence

5 replies

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Audio Hijack Pro. It can record ANYTHING. Amazing program.
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Just to add another ... I think a lot of people use Audacity for this purpose. It's avail for Mac OS X.


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I dont wish to hijack this thread but is it possible to record from vinyl in flac format on windows pc and if so whats a good program?
The aforementioned Audacity is a good choice, is available for Win, Mac OS X, and Linux/Unix, and the price is right. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

I have also used Magix Audio Cleaning Lab on Windows with good results. It's a bit quirky, but once you get the hang of it, it works OK.
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Thanks folks...