device behaves very erratically

  • 15 May 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi all, I have a problem with one of my devices that is quite annoying.

First it does not always happens, only sometimes, second is not always the same.

I have sometimes the experience that my Spotify says it's playing but no sound comes out. If I change to radio it works fine.

Today not even radio works and also my media server says it can't connect to it.

I submitted a report but I assume there is something I can do on my end. Any ideas?




2 replies

Hello @cstmgl and thank you for the diagnostic. I see from the report that the network is having issues communicating with the music services at times. Are you able to wire a speaker into the router to see if Sonosnet can allow proper playback?

I can connect it by cable but the device is around 2m away from the router in the same room the connection does not seem a problem. I also noticed that when my wife uses her Spotify account on same device it works fine.


After a few tries I did manage to make it work but the sound volume was all the way down to 0. 

I just don't understand why it's this inconsistent because it shows me that it's playing but just nothing comes out, would the sound setting be different based on the Spotify account? And why it works sometimes is even weird. But thanks for the feedback.