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  • 29 April 2020
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It has already been answered and closed but I guess the more people asking for the same feature the more it might get prioritized.

I can only agree to below link and request.


  1. I would really like to have a default streaming output when there is no history or cache to refer to. Only pressing play on my sonos and always knowing it will play my favourite radio channel or my spotify playlist - IF there is no stored history to resume from. Power surge whatever reason.
  2. Also missing in the other post I think… I also would like to have the possibility to reset the history at eg 3AM so that if I want to have a specific radio channel in the morning it will always play that. And not the music playlist I had late the evening before. Another way to solve this would be to long press play or double tap…. on the play button to play a predefined streaming service.


personally this is a missing “ease of use “ feature missing. Mainly due to evening music is likely not what you want to start your day with in the morning. How to messing with the phone first thing in the morning?


thank you


1 reply

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Hello again @Groo72,

I will be more than happy to pass your input along to the development team for inclusion in future versions of our Sonos app.

We do appreciate the thought that you have been putting into the Sonos app user experience and for letting us know.