Deezer takes a full years subscription without any notice

  • 3 May 2016
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I have seen this before but after my free subscription ended Deezer took over £238 from my account without any warning. When I complained by email I got no response but put out a tweet and got a full refund. Trouble is I didn't want to cancel deezer I was happy to pay monthly. I think all deezer users should be aware of this and cancel the payment before they take it or ask for a monthly price.

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8 replies

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Thanks ratty it would appear I am not alone. When I contacted deezer which is nearly impossible they told me to refer to the email from a year before. All I can say is they must have lots of customers to seemingly not care when we all cancel. As I said it took a tweet before they responded and it actually took them 6 mins to do so after almost 24 hours waiting for customer services to respond. I cannot find any details of how to do monthly so it's off to Apple Music also trying tidal but not enough tracks which is a shame.
Deezer customer support are not the quickest in the world, but I've found they do respond in 2-3 days.

If your Deezer subscription has now been cancelled, then follow the link on -- i.e. -- and you should have the option of taking out a new annual subscription at a better price or simply paying monthly.
Deezer are a dissapointing. I was offered a special offer of £25 per annum subcription to Deezer Elite, when purchasing some Sonos units. After the 12 months and without any communcation or notice, they took a payment of £119 directly from my Paypal account. I sent several emails to thier customer service but these were ignored. In the end had to write to thier MD to get the matter addressed ! The poor service and sharp practice has made be consider my otions. Given that they have a subciption service, surely a better solution would have been to create a new monthly offer?
Well, £119 -- assuming it's for 12 months -- is as good as any deal I've seen for Elite. But, yes, the Deezer automatic renewal mechanism is rather high-handed. If one is reconsidering an annual subscription it would be advisable to cancel towards the end of the year, then re-enrol at whatever subscription level you want after the original subscription expires.
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Yea I had issues too.

I found that you have to go into paypal and under subscriptions cancel being subscribed there or they have the ability to take funds from Paypal anytime they chose (and paypal won't reverse because you have a subscription allowing them).

Then the fact that they are near impossible to get to respond. I actually had this issue a few weeks ago and it took 4 request before I was finally responded to saying they were refunding my money. And the refund did come through on paypal the next day. So they did respond and fix it. But it was a hassle.

Best bet always remove subscriptions from Paypal so people can't do what they want with your funds.

P.S. They took $480 US from my account - not sure what kind of subscription length they put in but it was ridiculous.
Just an update regarding Deezer taking a year's subscription without notice. I contacted them (several times) on the last attempt they refunded the payment and changed my Deezer Elite subscription to the 'free' ad-based service. Which does not work with Sonos! As a result, both parties have lost out? I no longer let a premium service and they lose out on a paying subscriber. You would have thought they would have followed up the intial offer with another compelling offer to remain subscribed? Taking a payment without notice is certainly not a great way of building customer retention.....
Reverting to the 'free' service is standard practice. Just go to the URLs above and you can re-enroll.