Deezer or Sonos? Who is the culprit?!

  • 20 October 2016
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Up to a few months ago the combination of sonos and Deezer was exactly what I wanted. Choice of music, Flac for best quality. Combined with my Musical Fidelity DAC and Paradigm speakers this was simply paradise. But these days are gone. One of the best features of Deezer, Spotify etc is the ability to share friends playlist and music, and this was possible to do with Sonos. But 3 months ago this capability was removed!!! Why on earth did Sonos (or Deezer) do this??!! It was working great! It was a great feature when I had friends come over with Deezer accounts. Having removed this feature has made me detest my Sonos every time my friend Frank comes over and all we want to do is enjoy listening to music. Nothing more nothin less. Sure I can log in his account but it is a PITA. Sonos claims that it is Deezer who did it and trying to contact Deezer is impossible. This makes me doubt about all these updates and streaming music services. I have no control about the functionality I am getting in the futur. I had features when I purchased my hw and music service and down the road someone somewhere is deciding to change things and remove functionality. WHat are Deezer (or Sonos) thinking when doing this. It's like going to the garage with your car for oil change and when you leave your car is reprogrammed. No more heater or HVAC. As a starting point anyone thinking about using Deezer with Sonos. Think twice before spending the money

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15 replies

So my question is, how can this functionality be brought back? My only option is to connect a PC to my DAC and use the Deezer native app 😞
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Hmm, I wonder who is the responsible party - a company that provides the best tech support anywhere and responds to all emails and posts by the next day, or a company that nobody can reach, that responds to your queries with the sound of crickets streaming in FLAC...

And really, are you going to ingratiate anyone around here by trying to scare off prospective customers?
You are right you have no control over it. Sonos can basically do f@ck all about it. Good luck.
My goal here is not to bash Sonos but rather understand what has happened and why. From there I will then make a decision. Is it the same thing with the other streaming providers. My hope here is that Sonos could sort this out with Deezer because I certainly cannot. Could Sonos not be the ones offering the flac service from any of the providers and ensure that the functionality is maintained. If it is Deezer that has complete control of their app in Sonos what next? Are we soon going to see adds poping up in the sonos controller
It's essentially the provider that puts the service onto Sonos using the free Sonos API, and decides which levels of service and features are there. However, clearly Sonos has to work with each partner to provide the ultimate interface within Sonos. There may be particular features of the native app that the Sonos API cannot cope with. We have seen additional features added to many services within Sonos over the years, to bring functionality closer to the native app, so clearly Sonos doesn't just say "tough" when a feature cannot be immediately accommodated.

I don't think it is helpful or accurate to talk of "Deezer's app within Sonos". It is the implementation of a service within the Sonos app.

I have no idea who was responsible for this change (I'm taking it on trust that this has happened).

Given that Sonos has said that it wants to work with all its music partners to make direct casting from the native apps possible, perhaps this whole issue will go away over time.
Further to my general reply, a quick question for @Jac - is this the "Follow/Follower" facility you are talking about? I'm not a Deezer user.
Thanks John B. Yes I am talking about the Follow/follower feature found in the native Deezer app that once was in the Deezer api of Sonos (thanks for the terminology clarification). I doubt it is a technical reason since it was working. Sonos technical support confirmed it had no technical issues. Unless it was on the Deezer side. My fear is that it is Deezer that is pushing to put in our face their playlists $$!! You can see that Deezer will kindly pick some playlists for me and that functionality was kept in the API.
Thanks @Jac. The API is essentially the toolset used to allow Sonos and Deezer to integrate and talk to each other. My point was that it's not just a case of dropping the Deezer app into Sonos or providing a simple link - there is a fair bit of work to make two complex systems work well together. But anyway... I recalled a complaint on the French language forum about this issue a couple of months back:

My translation of the Sonos Staff member's initial reply is:

"The features and functionality of the interfaces of music services within Sonos are constantly developing. This development is based on a collaboration between the services (such as Deezer) and Sonos, as well as feedback from users.
Several features have thus been added to Deezer within Sonos (for example access to Flow to mention just one) but the "Followers" option is indeed no longer available.
We understand that that this affects your use and have passed on your comments to our developers.
I cannot, however, give you any indication when or if this feature will be restored to the application.
Please do not hesitate to continue to share your suggestions"

It isn't exactly definitive, but the reference to passing on comments to "our developers" seems to suggest that it wasn't just a case of Deezer pulling the plug. Equally, I wouldn't expect Sonos to withdraw it for the sake of it (where would be the advantage?), so it may have clashed somehow with features that had been added, within the contraints of the Sonos API.

I honestly don't know - but I hope that is of some interest / help.
It's good to see that I am not the only one who is disappointed. The French gall has the same issue. Let's hope that in time it will get fixed. I would certainly like to have some response from Sonos and if they are they trying to resolve this with Deezer
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Hello Jac

I thought that this was still working (but maybe in a different way) ... I have a friend that comes round that likes listening to UK Top 50 ... so I searched for a playlist. and chose one that seems to be updated regularly. I added this to My Music in the Deezer app ... and it shows up in the My Music / Playlists on Sonos and I can play the playlist from there. I am not sure how the Following/Followed previously worked in Sonos.
The Following/followed worked the same way as in the Deezer native application. My friends who have Deezer accounts I could access their playlists. Now with this removed in Sonos I cannot access my friends playlist from Sonos. The only way to access my friends playlist is to access Deezer from my pc mac (native app) and save my friends playlist as my playlist and only then I can play it on my Sonos. C'est de la merde!
Did some testing research this weekend. I found out some interesting things. I pulled out of the dust my squeezebox duet from the closet and powered it up on And guess what. All the fontionality I want in Deezer is there. The following/follower works !!!!!??? It is called friends. If Deezer built an elite account only for Sonos users there must be some talks between Sonos and Deezer staff to fix this. At least we should get some clear answers isn these forums from Sonos.

So a few of us will start looking into other systems and abandon Deezer streaming service if there is no resolution. We will look at other streaming services. Or the Bluesound system is one of the first other system that we will try out. Hopefully it is as stable as the Sonos and has the functionality we want. Using the aptx Bluetooth will be an alternative to get friends music playing as an alternative. But this is far from ideal
Or the Bluesound system is one of the first other system that we will try out. Hopefully it is as stable as the Sonos
You might think again after perusing the Bluesound forums.
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Can't you just add your friends account as another account on your Sonos to listen to his music favorites when he is there.
Hi Chris. We tried adding our friends accounts to Sonos. It works, buts it gets confusing and we often often end up accidently modifying friends playlist.