Deezer music not all albums available on sonos

Deezer music not all albums available on sonos, some albums give the message unable to browse music but they all work in Deezer directly, I have deleted the account and added again but no joy anyone have any ideas??

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In order to help Sonos do some testing, would you be so kind as to specify which albums you're testing with? It would give them a better chance of potentially reproducing the issue, and figuring out what's going on for you.
Guns & Roses Greatest hits was the first but I added it again to Deezer via Sonos app and it works fine, but the following have failed:
Jamws Morrisoon (Snappy Too)
The ultimate Luther Vandross
Meatloaf (Bat of of Hell)
Robbie williams (Take the crown)
Ronan Keating (10 years of hits)
Sam Smith ( In the lonely hour)
The best of the specials
to name a few


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