Creating radio show favourites from BBC

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Brand new to Sonos, and totally loving it. But there is one thing I can't work out how to do and have searched on the forums.

I listen to a handful of BBC radio shows that are not available as podcasts as they are music based. I can search for these and play them directly, but I have not figured out how I can add them as favourite shows in TuneIn.

Can anyone help?


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Something that Sonos seem to bury but you can get to it via the Sonos Control and PC client but not via iOS (on iPhone, don't know about iPad):

  • Search for the show you're interested in
  • Click Recent Shows
  • Now right click the show you want and select Information
  • Click Add show to Favorites

HTH with Just A Minute (or other shows of choice!).
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Awesome! Works beautifully thanks.


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