Copying iTunes library

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Just bought a Play 1 and Play 3 and using through iTunes on my MacBook - fantastic, I love it! I plan to buy a Synology NAS to store my iTunes library, to allow Sonos to play music when MacBook is not in use. However I want to keep a copy of the iTunes library on my MacBook to allow me to play music when I am away from home, and to allow me to sync music with my iPhone. Is it possible to copy (not move) iTunes library to a NAS, and have Sonos still access the copy on the server, but to use the iTunes on my MacBook through, for example, Bluetooth speakers? Sorry if this is a NAS or Mac topic, rather than Sonos specific!

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Yes, it's possible.

There's someone here who does that, I believe they run a process periodically to sync the two repositories.
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I'm trying to do the same thing. I have my iTunes on both a NAS and locally, but trying to figure out how to make the local version copy over to the NAS version automatically so when I buy or add new music it updates. Help!
Why not migrate your library to the NAS and not have to keep two copies? It is pretty easy: