Converting to Spotify Playlists from iTunes

  • 16 January 2020
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Hi, I am a long-time iTunes user who would like to convert my playlists to our Spotify premium family account.  I’ve been hesitant to make the switch but am having a hard time justifying purchasing music from Amazon or Apple when I could download the same music from Spotify for “free”.  For background I have probably 7-8 active playlists on iTunes that I play through Sonos.  I have 3 of those playlists also on my iPhone for portability, two of which are 3000+ songs each (although they share about 1000 songs between them).  So if I make the plunge and convert the playlists to Spotify and start simply downloading songs from Spotify to those playlists to my phone (and available offline), I should be able to still access the converted playlist with any new songs from the Sonos app on my phone, correct?  

What about if I access Sonos from my computer app through my Spotify account?  Would the songs I downloaded on Spotify that are on my phone still be in the playlist regardless of which device I access it from?

I assume the answer to both of those are yes, but I wanted to make sure before I make the switch.

Finally, what if we have an entire different Sonos system in a different house.  I assume accessing Sonos in that house if I’m there would no problem (simply accessing Spotify through Sonos on my phone).  What if I wasn’t there?  Could someone else access through our laptop my playlists (if I let them) and have all of the original music plus any new music I’ve downloaded via Spotify?  Or do I need to be on that network with my phone (where the music is)?

I know these are probably pretty basic questions but I haven’t had much luck Googling an answer and this board is always great at answering them.

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