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  • 7 August 2022
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Have had this problem on and off for years now. It’s gotten REALLY bad lately. Have contacted support directly and they weren’t much help.


I cannot connect to SiriusXM for days now. I also can randomly connect (yes, I said connect as it mostly won’t connect) to play YouTube Music as well. I’ve shut everything down (multiple times). Everything is upgraded.


Only way I can get YT Music to play is by trying to start with a different speaker to add to a group. Most won’t play at all and I find one which will (sometimes).


I am convinced it has to do with your horrible WiFi implementation. Why? Because all of my speakers except for one is connected via wire. I had WiFi disconnected but it obviously tries to do something and eventually fails. When I called support they made me re-enable WiFi (even though I’m not using it). No, it didn’t help.




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Maybe try a different DNS server in your router settings and see if that might make a difference and allow you to connect/maintain the connection to the SiriusXM service.

I would also just see what happens when you wire just the one Sonos device only to your primary Hub/Router (with its WiFi adapter enabled) and leave all the others running on a WiFi connection. Keep the wired device well away from the router (at least one metre away).