Connection to Amazon failing.

  • 22 February 2021
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Starting last night my connection to Amazon music is failing.  I have an active Amazon Prime account.  I have deleted, re-added, and re-authorized the Amazon service in Sonos multiple times.  I have had one of my (5) SONOS ONE G2 speakers connected via ethernet cable for SEVERAL months without trouble.  My home internet configuration has not changed in months.  I use the Amazon stations daily.  Still getting the same message: “Unable to play “ANYSTATION” - the connection to Amazon Music was lost”. I have submitted a support diagnostic to Sonos.  The confirmation number is 833045471.  Please advise.

7 replies

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Hi @mrvelous01.

Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community, We appreciate your time and effort in posting your concern here in our community.

Try to do a network refresh, by unplugging all Sonos devices, then rebooting the router. When the router comes back up, plug back in the Sonos devices wait for 1-2 minutes, and test it again

Let us know if it works. If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.

I will power cycle the SONOS devices but the router cannot be rebooted as I am working from home.  I will reply after cycling the SONOS devices.

Why can you not reboot the router? How are you creating your LAN at home?

My router is a Netgate enterprise class/business firewall/router.  It is not some cheesy piece of consumer junk from the local Best Buy.  It is designed to deal with any network configuration that you can throw at it, including multiple networks, Vlans, VPNs, firewalls, routing, etc.  I’m reasonably sure it was designed to handle applications like yours without being rebooted “just because”.  Also, I am employed by a hospital system and I am working from home.  Rebooting the router is not something that I can do during the business day.

I power cycled all of the SONOS speakers, removed Amazon from my Music Services, reauthorized it, and I am still receiving the message “Unable to play xxxxxxxxxxxx, the connection to Amazon Music was lost”.  I have been, and still can, play other music services like Tunein stations.  This appears to be specifically about my connection to Amazon.

I have now reset my Amazon password (twice) and re-authorized it on the Sonos app, but I’m still getting the same message (“Unable to play xxxxxxxxxxxx, the connection to Amazon Music was lost”).  I cannot play ANY Amazon music stations.  I can play any Tunein stations through Sonos.  My Amazon Prime account is paid and in good standing.

To be clear, I have ATT Fiber optic cable into my home with gigabit speed up and down.  All other IOT things in my home work fine, burglar alarm Lutron home light controls, web servers, ntp servers, movie players, etc.  There are no firewall rules blocking Sonos traffic.  This is about connecting to my Amazon Music account through Sonos, not about my internet connection.   As you probably know if you looked at the diag the app version is Android 12.2.6   Please advise.

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Hi @mrvelous01, thanks for trying that. I would also recommend, if you haven’t already, rebooting the router.

Just to confirm, does this issue exclusively affect stations? If you search for a specific song through Amazon Music, are you able to play a single song?

If you’re still having trouble however, it might be worth reaching out to the Support Team, as they have more tools available for live troubleshooting.

This is only happening on the Amazon Music Service in Sonos.  Other Music Services, like Tunein, work fine.  No Amazon stations work.