Connecting Sonos to a Music Library on a NAS Drive Using an Apple Time Capsule

  • 31 July 2020
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I recently went through a pretty involved exercise getting my Sonos system to access my iTunes Music library on an Apple Time Capsule functioning as a NAS drive.  I have a 7 zone Sonos system and one is outside of my house on a dock which is about 150’ away from my home.  I have always had difficult getting a good signal down at my dock and recently decided to try and use a 3 component Eero system to expand the reach of my wireless network.  As a hardware set up, I have my Eero Pro connected by Ethernet cable to my Netgear modem (operating in bridge mode) and a Sonos bridge connected by Ethernet cable to my Eero main unit (the one hard wired to my modem).  Unfortunately, the Eero units have only a single Ethernet port, so this meant that i have to connect my Apple Time Capsule to a subsidiary Eero unit located on the second floor of my house.  That Eero unit is connected wireless to the Eero mesh system.  This allowed me to play streaming services through the Sonos app (Sirius XM, Pandora) but the Sonos system could not locate my iTunes music library which is located on the Apple Time Capsule acting as a NAS drive.  I escalated this issue through three layers of Sonos support and we could not figure out how to configure the Apple Time Capsule so that we could properly address it as the source of the music library.  I pursued this issue through the Apple Support Community and got expert help from a fellow named Bob Timmons who guided me successfully through the process of setting up the TC as a network storage drive.  Once this was accomplished, I was able to define the path so that the Sonos app would find my Music library and at the moment, all appears to be working fine.  If any one is facing similar issues, I would invite them to go through the steps outlined for me by Mr. Timmons on the Apple support site--

1 reply

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Hi @Poppa John, welcome to the community, and thanks for all the detailed information here. We greatly appreciate your effort and this would really be helpful for other customers using the same setup. I’m glad that it’s working fine now with your Sonos system. Please let us know if you need anything. We’re here to help. Thanks!