Connect, Meridian and MQA

  • 27 January 2017
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56 replies

Sonos will negotiate with the service to locate the best compatible format to stream. Without examining the diagnostics (and also putting a bandwidth monitor on the stream) one can only guess what's happening. But I'd assume that Sonos is requesting and streaming the standard FLAC version of those files.
You are correct. It appears the Tidal MQA streams at 24/48. But if that is true, and the Connect cannot recognize 24 bit files, how can it stream Tidal MQA? The product manual says it will support 48k sampling rates, but it is silent on bit rate. (I know I am playing the MQA version of albums because I am tagging them as favorites in Tidal on my second audio system, which has an MQA-enabled Bluesound Powernode).
TIDAL MQA streams cannot, surely, be 16/44. Where would they put the folded ultrasonics? They must live below the noise floor in a 24-bit sample.

Sonos throws an error when confronted by 24-bit files.
I would be interested in bit more clarification here. I have a Connect that outputs to a Meridian Direct DAC (not MQA). I know the Connect will not recognize a downloaded MQA FLAC file (I tried), but it does stream Tidal MQA files since they are within the 44/16 parameter. The question I have in mind (and perhaps so did the OP), is can you unfold a Tidal MQA streamed file to full resolution with an MQA DAC after it passes through a Connect (and bypassing its DAC)? [no MQA debates please]
No. Sonos does not play MQA files.