Conference speaker, mobile phone option, get the sound from the phone call to Sonos, karaoke

  • 3 February 2017
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I want the speakers as conference speakers give lectures through these, when evening comes Karaoke , or when a call from an employee comes from Africa, and they need to have contact with all of us at one time now !!!! all gathered
you can not get the sound in the high-end sound system on business gathering or club meeting ...
as pure speaker for mobile phone and computer speakers that can play all sound would be played on your computer or phone, audio signals, Skype, Viber, YouTube, etc.
but above all that the speakers can be used as conference speakers via cell phone, when I call, I want to hear that I talk with the speakers, separate microphone in your computer or phone or completely independent.
As we now have 60 guests ... not so often, but it would have been great if it went to a speech by the Sonos system ... BUT
And then True Play just for iPone ... I / we all use Androids...

I went on your blurb ...
It does not work in reality ...
" Sonos plays it all - the most popular streaming services, on-demand services, Internet radio, your favorite podcasts and audio books, your own music library - everything you want to hear "

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2 replies

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So you look up a streaming MUSIC system and then come on here and make a huge song and dance that it won't act like a completely different voice speaker that it is not designed for.

But if you are desperate to do that buy Play 5s or a connect and use the Line-in - But beware there is a delay that could make use for karaoke unpleasant
Architecture design necessary for multi-room streaming states that you are not going to be able to do many real-time functions like phone/Skype/conferencing with Sonos due to the need to buffer input/output in order to sync across the multiple number of speakers possible. You can't beat physics. Sonos is not the product you want. Silly marketing slogans aside, it cannot be everything to everybody.