Computer as Sonos Audio Source

  • 19 September 2012
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527 replies

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Couldn't sonos partner with google chrome audio to cast to sonos devices using wifi from chrome browser, to join the likes of sony & LG?
If you can't beat them & all that....
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Since you have a Play:5 why don't you add a Chromecast dongle to be able to at least send chromecast. IF you want to be able to stream everything a Bluetooth dongle is probably the most universal choice still (from apple devices airplay will as well - you would attach an airport Express to the Play:5). All of these methods would give you a good variety of casting ability.
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Chromecast is the first standard that really can be compared to Sonos. Your airplay/Bluetooth previous casting methods had the flaw of having to have the device continually streaming (and thus prone to dropouts). Chromecast - like Sonos - tells the playing device to go out and fetch the audio direct from the internet.

So Chromecast is the best choice for Sonos to embrace. We do not know if Sonos is working on a Chromecast solution or not. There has been speculation because of the similiarities that Sonos would embrace Chromecast. They also seem to have a good working relationship with Google - - as Google Music is the only service that implemented Sonos Casting direct (android devices).

So hopes are we will see native Chromecast on Sonos. Otherwise, as I have, just for now plug a cheap Chromecast dongle into a Sonos input and have it now (of course doesn't help those that only have play:1 or play:3 devices with no input).
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Excellent info there Chris thanks.
Unfortunately, as you guessed, I only have the play:1 starter kit since xmas, which I love.
Getting a GCA dongle to plug into B+W zeppelin I already had to give it new life, as it hasn't been used since sonos. Probably then try it in my a/v receiver.
I don't want to run 2 control systems, who would.
Sonos need to move really quickly on this.
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Personally I'd sell the Zeppelin for a Play:5 and get he whole system then running chromecast if chromecast is important. With chromecast dongle hooked to a play:5 it will allow you to send chromecast to those play:1s as well (you can even play chromecast on play1s with play:5 playing another Sonos service seperately)
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Hadn't thought of that one, given me something to think about. But there's no way I can get that passed the wife at the mo ;O)
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You can just do like me .... Don't tell her and hide the box!
Mac user. 10.9.5. Just bought this. Will never recommend or expand as this doesn't do partly what I wanted (to be used as a wireless computer speaker).
Angry with myself more than anything. My only hope is that with the wireless updates they add this functionality down the line. Wished I'd looked into this before shelling out £385...
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I wouldn't recommend to anyone as a wireless computer speaker either as its not. Chromecast audio would be most likely method that we could see to play direct from a computer (unless you have a Sonos with input as you can with that already but I assume you bought a play1 or play3 which are the 2 units that don't have input).
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Wished I'd looked into this before shelling out £385...
We've all been there (well, many of us, hopefully only the once...) - that's why they say "buy in haste, repent at leisure". Curious though as to what you bought for £385 - I can't get any combination of Sonos products to come to that figure.

If what you bought doesn't do what you want, and you are not happy with, or unable to implement, any of the solutions mentioned in this thread, then sell up and buy something else that better serves your needs. I'd bet my house on you not getting native wireless streaming of your computer audio to Sonos any time in the future - it's just not what Sonos is designed for. If you can't return the kit, sell it on eBay - you will get very close to your original purchase price.

I don't say this to carp, it's just honest practical advice. And if you venture into Sonos territory again, buy direct from Sonos and avail yourself of their 100-day no quibble trial period.
OMG! I'm really disappointed. I bought Playbar and two Play:1 speakers and it turned out that I'm not able to stream music from phone or tablets to whole system. This is so basic feature! I understand that it's mostly about streaming sound from radios or services but that's very basic thing. Everybody sometimes wants to play something from e.g. YouTube or any other service and I can't understand how that can't be possible with equipment of such class... And total lack of response from Sonos in this thread is also depressing :(

You should be able to accomplish what you want - you may need to get a bridge - they are very cheap. Suprirse Sonos have not responded to you, considering you bought a Play Bar which is the THE most expensive product.
Unfortunately SWYH does not support Sonos systems. :-(

Yes it does, there is just a 6 second delay on mine...
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What are you trying to do that Sonos needs to respond to. Not sure what a bridge would do for you.

As you have playbar you could hook a chromecast to your tv and stream YouTube to your system that way.
Any updates here? This has been years and must be a consistent need. Maybe this has been updated in the Sonos macOS app but I'm not finding it?

If you the actual people paying money for these 'no-longer-leading-industry-overpriced-speakers' were to UNDERSTAND UP FRONT THE SPEAKERS WERE INTENDED TO FUNCTION WITH PAYING SERVICES ONLY and not be able to stream from the very computers and systems playing the system in the first place, we all would have bought another system.

If you wanted a system to play music from your computer, why did you buy Sonos in the first place? Bad call that, and only you are responsible for it.

Sonos is meant for multi room audio, from the net - be it radio or streaming services - and most conveniently, from a NAS. In that role, it excels to the extent that no other solution comes close.

If you are what your name suggests, why can't you change that state of affairs by returning/selling all your Sonos kit?
"it excels to the extent that no other solution comes close"

Really? That also sounds like a corporate sound byte. Are you too employed by Sonos??!??
Just as much as you are by a competitor.
Thanks for the vote of confidence! But I don't work for any Sonos' competitors!!

I actually want the Sonos stuff - just doesn't make sense you can only stream audio if it's part of a streaming service.
Well - from Sonos pov I understand, but it doesn't reflect the market reality: people gravitate to products because of convenience and options.
Sonos eliminates a HUGE source of audio: browsing on the web w/o a streaming service.

It's one of those decisions that will either pay off, or cost them market share.
Either way, no way consumers believe it's a value added prop amongst all the options available.
From the comments section, we're in the 4th year of Sonos.
Sonos is NOT price or feature competitive with other wifi/bluetooth speakers at that price point.

It's going to get interesting. And they don't support one of their major partner's features: Apple's Airplay UNLESS you have an Airport express and analog hardwire it to the speaker. What the f**k? Why would you make a major partner utilize 1990's technology with a 1/8" cable? Big step back...stunned Apple is onboard with this...or maybe they have the same dinosaur issues.......
Thanks for the vote of confidence!
we're in the 4th year of Sonos.
Sonos is NOT price or feature competitive with other wifi/bluetooth speakers at that price point.
they don't support one of their major partner's features: Apple's Airplay

It wasn't meant as a vote of confidence by any stretch of imagination.
The quoted comments that follow support that; you don't know much about either Sonos or Airplay - but even you must have understood that the product is NOT a computer speaker, sold your kit and moved on. Then why troll in whatever capacity you are doing so?!
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Hi guys,

I deleted some posts here as the conversation had a couple personal attacks. Let's all remember that this is a safe space for communication. There's no need to insult other users or their actions.
Don't feed the troll, folks.
I was wondering how Vox audio player for the mac streams audio to my sonos and how AirAudio for android both stream to the sonos. This seems the most convenient way. They both detect the sonos and you don't need to setup anything on the sonos side. I was wondering if there's anything like it on a pc specially like AirAudio does this
Sorry if this is old news and has been mentioned already.

Like most others here I am interested in playing music directly from my laptop to my Sonos system.

I am on a Mac.

The easiest solution (although it costs $60) I have found is NiceCast from Rogue Amoeba. I downloaded the free trial ( - 1 hour of streaming), named my broadcast, started broadcasting my system audio and was given a streaming URL by the software. I then opened Sonos controller on my mac, added the URL as a radio station in TuneIn, and I was listening to my laptop audio stream through my whole house across multiple Sonos units. This took less than 5 minutes.

I don't listen directly to the audio at the laptop at the same time, so I cannot speak to lag.

It worked on the first try.
I'm using an apple computer. I have to admit I purchased the speaker without checking as to whether it would stream music from my computer. I just couldn't imagine that it wouldn't. That's my problem. I like the speaker but from here on I will only purchase speakers that do allow streaming from my computer. For me it's a requirement.
I recently bought a Playbar so I am relatively new to the Sonos' family. I am adding my voice to what has already been said here a thousand times. WE REALLY WANT TO STREAM PC AUDIO. I will be holding off buying any more Sonos products until there is a firmware update that allows pure PC audio streaming (in fact, I am giving serious thought to returning my current Sonos speaker). This is a request dating back 3 years. Is there any information on when this will get sorted out? Sono's is losing out on a ton of business because of this missing key feature.