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  • 5 January 2018
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I am new to Sonos, but impressed so far. Although I use spotify as a steaming service, I have a local iTunes library of approx 400 cds. I'd like to make these available on the sonos too without having to keep the laptop on. I was looking at NAS solutions but cost and possible noise issues I think have ruled these out. That leaves cloud solutions. Amazon music as I understand is stopping their storage option in a few days. So what other options are there?

Can anyone advise and give experience on the likes of Apple Music (their website makes it very difficult to find out exact details) or others that would let me upload my collection of albums (ripped as MP3 in iTunes) ideally keeping playlists, album art etc.

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8 replies

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I use a WD My Cloud NAS, silent in operation and works well with Sonos, 3tb cost £90 ish.
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Ditto on the WD My Cloud. Mine works flawlessly, no noise issues, and Sonos access is seamless.
Those are both NAS drives. For a true Cloud solution, Google Play Music lets you upload/match up to 50,000 tracks and you can play these on Sonos from a free Google Play Music account.
Appreciate the responses thank you. The Nas may be an option as obviously could use for other media too. I'll investigate google play.
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For a true Cloud solution, Google Play Music lets you upload/match up to 50,000 tracks and you can play these on Sonos from a free Google Play Music account.
Just to confirm that this works very well with Sonos, as well as making your collection available via all the native GPM players. Just be aware that tracks are limited to 320kbps MP3 quality, and each track can be no bigger than 300MB.
Further update for anyone interested. I have managed to get this all working with Google Play on a free account which was a bonus. App works very well and process was mostly easy.

Just to caveat, to upload from itunes I had to use the music manager and finding that took some work (chrome wants you to use the native interface). Also it didn't recognise itunes, but when pointed to music folder picked everything up. Lastly although the upload process was fairly good - 3 days for 6,500 tracks - I am finding that about 15% of the tracks have lost their album details and artwork. Everything was tagged and ripped as mp3 in itunes and itunes library is complete so just be aware some retagging will be required (annoyingly all these tracks are in one "various artist" list so will literally have to pick each individual track to re tag).

Than you for the replies.
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Hi there. Welcome to the community, Tray_1664. Another vote for Google Play Music, here. I learned that 50,000 tracks was more than sufficient (shortly after the missus' cat knocked my WD Mycloud off a shelf). For 40 CD's, you should be covered. Let us know if you have any further questions.
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Ah, thank you so much everyone! I tried this on my own at first but abandoned the process when it looked like the Google Play Music service cost money. After reading this thread I investigated again, set up a free Google Play Music account and it connected to Sonos great and works like a charm! Thank you thank you!

I would like to add that the ONLY reason I was even doing this is because Amazon Music tricked its users into using their service, then discontinued the ability to upload any more mp3s. You can keep the mp3s you've uploaded previously connected with your Sonos, but you cannot upload any more! SHAME ON YOU AMAZON MUSIC! And kudos to you Google Play Music!

Very sad Amazon Music would cut people off like this all in the name of greed and profits (especially after I've spent 10s of thousands of dollars there). But again, thank you Google Play Music!