can we get the tracklisting to sonos stations?

  • 25 May 2020
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Absolutely loving the exclusive Sonos radio stations. Sunset Fuzz, cocktail hour and rare grooves providing some excellent tunes to accompany lockdown vibes. 

what I’d love is to get the track listing to be able to make a playlist from it and listen to it again at my own leisure. Possibly when having breakfast cocktails, for example, or whilst checking Twitter for the 12,000 time when I should be writing that report that was due last Monday. 

sonos - super work - lovely update. 

much love 



2 replies

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Hello @Pipmossop,

Welcome to the Sonos community forum and thank you for reaching out with your feedback.

I’m glad you have been enjoying the update and the new Sonos Radio service. I have personally been enjoying the More Minimal and Pindrop Electronica stations while working from home.

I often find myself checking the artist and tracks that are playing and while “liking” or playlist building are not currently available, you can click on the “...” while the track is playing and search for the artist on all linked music services.

I know that it’s not the same as having an integrated customization feature but if you are able to locate the artist on Spotify or another service you can follow them there and experience more of their catalog directly.

I will also pass your input along to our development team for consideration. 

Please feel free to continue providing insight or ask questions here in the Sonos Community. 


Hi, I agree the Sonos Radio impressed me quite a bit and frequently play the More Minimal and Pindrop Electronica stations.

Being able to ‘like’ or build a playlist are very nice feats for the app but… how about a simple tracklist available?  I assume they’ll be in rotation and without the other two options, this would be quite nice to have periodically.

Keep on rockin’