Can't find Music Library on my WD MyCloud Home

  • 25 September 2017
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I have no idea why I can not 'see' my mycloudhome NAS drive from SONOS. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that while it is on my network the drive's software is such that you only can 'see' Time Machine backups locally on this drive. I have a MacBook Pro and can see the 4TB drive with WD Discovery software you get with device but I can't see it from SONOS. Has anyone figured this out. I am not very savoy but was told this should be able to work. I am done wasting time on this and admit surrender 🙂

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9 replies

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I recently ran into some trouble having Sonos play any playlist (iTunes library that is stored on a NAS (home cloud)). Different issue than your issue I believe, but I contacted Sonos customer service by phone several times in regards to this issue and they were not interested in helping. You can try giving them a call but they will tell you to contact WD or Apple (if it has to do with iTunes).

If you're having an issues with it not seeing an iTunes library, make sure the Sonos app is pointed to the correct folder where the XML file for your iTunes Library is located. If you have it pointed to one folder after where they file is, it wont see it.

Are you trying to have Sonos see a generic music folder stored on your NAS (just a folder with a bunch of mp3's in it for example), or an iTunes library on the NAS?
Thanks for the reply. I would be open to just a generic folder for music or SONOS seeing the iTunes library. I think, as I explore this further, part of the problem has to do with how the NAS drive is configured. While the WD my cloud home drive is on the local network you access it through the cloud software interface. The only portion of the drive you can 'see' locally is reserved for TimeMachine backups. If I could unlock this portion of the drive somehow to include a shared music folder I think this issue would be resolved.
Have you had any luck with connecting to the mycloudhome? I think I was able to connect my music via sonos with the mycloudhome has a device "connected" to my computer, but have yet to figure out how to connect it via NAS option.
I'm having the same problem. I recently upgraded from a MyCloud (not Home) as that drive failed - so I now have a MyCloud Home. I have it mapped as a network drive on my PC and I can access it from my phone, but Sonos cannot find it. I think it has something to do with making the Music folder into a public 'share' - which was pretty much default on the old MyCloud - but I cannot figure out how to do it on a new MyCloud Home...if I figure it out, I'll post it here..

If someone figures it out before me, please do the same....
Same problem here - please let us all know when someone figures this out, as it is spoiling the fun big time.
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Have you all got your music sored in the "Public" folder on your MyCloud NAS?.
MyCloud Home doesn't let you see a Public folder
Follow up - Sonos works fine on a regular WD mycloud with a Public folder, but not on the 'upgraded' mycloud home, which does not have and cannot have a NAS style folder and sharing setup.

I returned my new mycloud home and switched it for the regular mycloud. Seems it is a WD issue rather than a Sonos one.
It looks like SONOS just released a My Cloud Home as a Music Service as a BETA in the US only. see if this link helps