Can't add Apple Music

  • 1 October 2021
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When I try to add Apple Music service in the S1 app (Android 11), I get a blank white screen at the point where it’s supposed to bring up the Apple login page. I tried on two different Android 11 devices. I tried adding other services as an experiment, and they all transfer correctly to the particular service login page at that same point. I asked Sonos support, and they tried some suggestions on Chat and looked at a diagnostic dump, but in the end they were stumped. I’ve successfully connected Apple Music to Sonos before, so it looks to me like a new bug between Sonos and Apple on Android 11.

Unfortunately Sonos doesn’t provide any options. The Windows app is not allowed to add Apple Music. Neither is my Amazon Fire tablet running FireOS 7.3 (Android 9). Neither is the S1 app running on Android 7 any more, the device I’ve always used before.  And my iOS devices are too old to run the latest S1 app. Update: I tried updating to S2 - didn’t help, same problem.

I’m out of ideas. Any suggestions?

37 replies

I've got this same issue, when is the release for the fix expected. Pain in the backside 

Log out of his account on the Apple app on his phone, and log in to your account on his phone. Then use the Sonos controller to set up your account in Sonos. Once you’ve set it up, you can then log out of the Apple app on his phone, and allow him to sign back in. In the meantime, your Sonos should now have both accounts set up. 

I don’t have a spouse with which to test this, but it should work. 

Hmm, that’s painful as you have to log out of ‘Media & Purchases’ on the iPhone, add the service in Sonos which then auto adds your account to the device you are using. So you then need to log back out of ‘Media & Purchases’ and then log back in with the original users account…. A real pain, but it did work

Thank you Marky. I am using a Pixel 5 phone. Not sure the equivalent of Media and Purchases. I did try to logout from Apple Music, then add to Sonos, but still get the blank screen. Thank you for the information.

I am having the same issue with blank screen trying to add Apple Music. Hoping it's fixed soon.

Same problem here too. Blank white screen. Sonos support have said in Live Chat (twice) it's an issue they're aware of and are working to sort it. But in the meantime to borrow an iOS device add it from there, as it's an Android issue…


(Edit: I see there are many threads on this now, confirming that adding Apple Music to Sonos via Android isn't working, so looks like I'll borrow an iPhone or wait.)


I was stuck in an endless loop trying to add Apple Music via my iPhone.  I would log in, click add, then be asked to log in again.


I deleted Apple Music using Sonos App on my Mac, then re-added using my iPhone - finally worked.  



I have the same problem and have tried uninstalls/reinstalls of both the Sonos s1 app and Apple music app on multiple android devices.  No luck. This started when I updated my Apple password and had to do the same in Sonos - just got the white screen when trying to update the password.  I then removed the Apple service from Sonos and tried to re-add it but just get the white screen again.  Seems like a bug when Sonos tries to authenticate.  They could be forcing an upgrade to Sonos S2 app; however, it may fail with S2 as well - I don’t know!

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however, it may fail with S2 as well - I don’t know!

Yes, it fails with S2 app as well.

Sonos have admitted they are aware of the problem. It’s on their urgent “To Do (sometime, maybe, when we get around to it)” list.

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I figured that might be the case with Apple, since the message on the Fire tablet is that you must authorize on a cell phone. That’s completely silly of course since the Apple Music app itself accepts a simple login authorization on Windows.

Be that as it may, it still looks like Sonos has to fix a bug on Android 11 here. I’ve found a number of other people with the same problem, e.g.:

What annoys me most with this type of problem is that Sonos plays dumb and wastes a lot of people’s time trying diagnostic measures when the problem has already been reported and they know it’s a bug. They either have the worst PR tracking system in the world, or their agents don’t have access or don’t bother to use it.

Received an email that my Apple Icloud account was logged into and not by me forcing a password change.  Now I am unable to reauthorize Apple Music on Sonos on any Android product, ridiculous!  Seems this problem has been an issue for a while with no fix.  When will the issue be resolved Sonos?

The time has come to contact the CEO of Sonos, Patrick Spence.  Mr. Spence is listed on the support page for Sonos to be contacted with issues.  Just like everyone else who contacted Sonos support, I was told to add Apple Music via an IOS device.  Support is fully aware of the problem, however will not admit how long the issue has been known.


Contact Sonos CEO Patrick Spence at on behalf of all Android users to fix adding or reauthorizing Apple Music on an Android device.

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Bruce is right, this appears to be an issue with the auth flow through the Apple app on Android. As every other service works, and the code on the Sonos side is identical for all of them, this looks like Apple’s problem to solve.

Hmm, that’s painful as you have to log out of ‘Media & Purchases’ on the iPhone, add the service in Sonos which then auto adds your account to the device you are using. So you then need to log back out of ‘Media & Purchases’ and then log back in with the original users account…. A real pain, but it did work

Yup, that workaround will only work with an Apple device if you have one in your household. Every Android device I have tried does not work, or I couldn't download the Sonos app to it....

I have the same problem.  I was recently gifted 12 months of Apple music and I can't even use it. It's unacceptable. 

From experience I can say this is an Apple Music app issue. If you want to resolve make sure you have the latest app version installed, download the APK Mirror app from Google Play and install, then download 3.8.0 Apple Music apk package from APK Mirror and install from the APKMIrror app. This works for me and I now have Apple Music service on Sonos.

Thank you so much for your information! I have installed the mirror app, but stuck on downloading 3.8.0 Apple Music app from APK. Where do I find 3.8.0 Apple Music in the APK app?

APK mirror has the beta version here Apple Music 3.8.0, download and the open the apkmirror app, locate the downloaded beta version and install.

It worked! Finally have it on my Sonos! Thank you very much!

Perhaps I am missing a step.  How do you get the Apple music service back on Sonos?  I do not have the service attached to the Sonos app.


Follow my earlier instructions then go to the Sonos app ≥ settings ≥ services and voice ≥ music and content ≥ add a service then select Apple Music.

Once you have Apple Music 3.8.0 installed and sign in, then go to your Sonos app and go to Settings, Services and voice, Music and Content, Add a service. For me, it didn't work right away, but I tried maybe an hour later and I no longer got a blank screen and was asked to sign in to Apple Music.

I know how to add a service, this is the work around MikeMc24 is discussing.  Since having to reauthorize Apple I no longer have the ability to play Apple Music.  If I try to add Apple Music to Sonos, I get the spinning and then blank page.

So you have the 3.8.0 version of Apple Music installed? Are you able to sign in to that version? If so, I would try adding to Sonos a little while later. For me, I initially had the spinning and blank screen, but tried again later and it worked. May also help to clear apps and reopen.