Can sonos handle hi-res flac from tidal or should you disable it?

  • 9 October 2018
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As you probably know, Tidal in its more fancy subscription streams not only CD quality FLAC but also a limited set of hi-res FLAC audio files. Given the fact that Sonos speakers can only handle the lossless CD quality files, and do that beautifully (I'm not complaining), what happens when you stream the hi-res files? I guess the quality is automatically downsized by the SONOS software to the CD lossless kind, or is it? If not, is it advisable to disable the hi-res option in Tidal --- if that *is* in fact an option?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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2 replies

There was some related discussion here.

Sonos is capable of playing 24-bit FLAC files at 48kHz or less (though they evidently get truncated to 16-bit first).
Thanks, that is helpful.