Can not add any streaming services despite

  • 22 October 2017
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I had to reset my Sonos Play 1 and as I did not receive any password-reset e-mail for my previous account, I had to set-up a new one with a different email. So far, so good: I was able to login and set-up the speaker and everything is working fine despite the fact that '' is the only streaming service that I can add.

I've searched through several similar topics and they pointed out that my entered location information of the account must be wrong or that the speaker is not registered. Neither of them applies to my situation, as the country entered in the account is Austria as this is where I am located and also the speaker shows up. Unplugging my router and also forcing the speaker to reconnect to the WiFi did not help at all. I did not find any other information or any post where something different seemed to work.

I've tried contacting the Sonos Support Team via Twitter already yesterday, but so far I did not get any reply. If any one reads that, I already uploaded some diagnostics data (7984516).

Any help and input is highly appreciated!

Thank you!

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1 reply

Same problem over here (in the Netherlands). Can't add or acces music services, especially Spotify. Diagnostic data (8016933)