can I play sonos direct from my smartphone?

  • 22 January 2022
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It seems that i have wifi and internet in order to play music on my sonos

Is it so?


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5 replies

Not sure I really understand the question, so let me layout two possibilities:

  1. The Sonos system exists on the speakers, the Sonos controller is merely a remote control to the speakers, so you can’t play a Sonos stream on your phone, it must be played on the Sonos speakers.
  2. Depending on which operating system you have on your phone, either Android or Apple, and which Sonos speakers you have, there are different ways to play content stored on your phone, varying from direct play to Sonos, to AirPlay 2, to Bluetooth connection. 

Thanks for your reply 

Trying to start using my sonos it seems this can be done only through the home wifi network and require having internet also?

Is that right? 

Can't it be played using Bluetooth? 

Or others way?

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Your profile says you have a One. This requires setting up on your network. You can then stream music to it over wifi, or from an iPhone using Airplay2. Bluetooth is only used during setup. 

Many thanks for your reply 

Does it means I must have wifi available in order using the speaker? wifi without internet connection can be enough? 

It is a networked speaker, so it does need a network to work. It is not a Bluetooth speaker that does not require a network.

If you’re only streaming music that already exists on your phone, and not an internet stream, once you’ve got it set up, you can remove the internet part.