can I play BBC radio 2 from a laptop on Sonos???

  • 26 January 2020
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I’m supposed to enter a “streaming URL” - what is this?? Sorry for being dense

If I just copy/paste the address at the top of the screen it doesn’t work. 

It says “song not encoded correctly”

 Please don’t laugh :grinning:

2 replies

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Hello @spencertheartist 


Thank you for reaching out to the Sonos Community


I understand that you are trying to add a radio station on Sonos. Since you are getting the error message about "song not encoded correctly", it could be that the station that you are trying to add might have a audio format that is supported by Sonos. We may need a diagnostic so we can more into why the station wasn’t able to be added and I also would like to know what is the station that you are trying to use.


For more information about Internet Radio Stations:

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Do you mean the Sonos controller on your laptop to control your streaming? I use TuneIn for BBC stations.