Can I make airplay default to a group of speakers so I don't need to constantly choose them?

  • 19 February 2019
  • 3 replies

Hey there. I am listening to a lot of live music through my ipad. Airplay2 has been very helpful. I have multiple rooms set up with sonos speakers It is a bit frustrating that every time i start music I need to go to airplay, select a speaker, open sonos app and group "all speakers".

Is there anyway I can set everything to automatically play through airplay? Is there anyway for me to form a group that it defaults to so that I don't need to group them every time through the Sonos app?

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3 replies

That’s more of a question for Apple, since it’s the AirPlay 2 interface you’re using, rather than Sonos.....but I’m interested in if someone has an answer as well 🙂
Ah, but no, in the Sonos app, where you do the grouping aspect, there’s no method to permanently group speakers. They should, I believe, retain the last grouping used. Now I need to go test this with my AirPlay 2.
And no, it doesn’t appear that Sonos groupings survive in a re-instance of the Apple “assign a speaker” process. Just tested with Audible, with enough time between tests for Audible to forget that it had been assigned an AirPlay 2 speaker.