Can I change the Apple ID Sonos uses to connect to Apple Music?

  • 27 December 2015
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I am trying to connect to Apple Music using the beta and Sonos is asking me to sign in using the Apple ID associated with the IPad I am using. I would like to use a different Apple ID though that already has Apple Music on it. Can I change the Apple ID?

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7 replies

Let me tell you how I did it. Sign on in your iPad in Music (from apple) with the account you would like to use in your Sonos. Once done, sign up in Sonos and it will take that account. Once done that, go back to your previous account in the iPad Music app. Keep in mind that Sonos allows you to have multiple accounts which can be used simultaneously from different devices. So you can have an iPhone with an account called "Home" and another one called "John's music" for example. In each device it is very simple to change from one account to another, ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN SET UP the way I told you before. Hope it helps.
I'm not even seeing an Apple Music selection in the list for Beta accounts. Any ideas?
Once you have joined the Beta account you will be downloaded with the Sonos Beta software. Once that is done, in the Add Music Services you will find Apple Music. Also see this link.
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I'm not even seeing an Apple Music selection in the list for Beta accounts. Any ideas?

As pperezir was saying, you actually have to enrol for the BETA and download that version of the software in order to have it appear as an option. pperezir also provided you with the general Get Help article which documents this in greater detail. Good advice!
It worked perfectly!! Thanks for the help!!
I added it using my other device that has the other Apple ID with Apple Music. It works great. Thanks!
Here's a guide about changing apple ID. Hope it works.