Can gapless/crossfade be controlled using Pandora on Sonos?

  • 7 June 2018
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All of a sudden, using Pandora on Sonos has started forcing gapless playback. I do not see anywhere in the Sonos app (using Android or the PC based Sonos app) for settings related to gapless playback or for crossfade using Pandora.

I'm old school, and have grown used to gaps between songs over the years. I like the gaps. Lots of the gapless seques are not smooth and seamless, they seem forced. I have been listening to music for years with gaps between songs, and all of a sudden I do not have that option.

It just all of a sudden stopped working with gaps between songs, and its frustrating to not find documentation or informational notice anywhere of this change.

I suspect it is a change that was made to the Pandora service, but can find nothing on their site about this.

The only thing I could find was one random recent article that explains the new enhanced feature of gapless Pandora Premium (I am not on the Pandora Premium Plan, I'm on the Pandora Plus), and how this has allowed Pandora to be able to legally stream some song titles they were not able to before the change.

Frustrating and disappointing.


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1 reply

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Hey there, d.b. Thanks for posting and sharing your experience. Did this only happen using Pandora, or does this happen with all audio on Sonos? We do have a crossfade feature built into Sonos and using the desktop controller puts this feature in the seemingly "perfect" spot to be mis-clicked. 😛

Seriously though, if you are still having this problem, please submit a diagnostic report and I will be happy to take a closer look. Be sure to reply here with the confirmation number it gives at the end. Thanks again!