Bookmarks in Sonos?

  • 15 August 2019
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I've had Sonos for many years. I listen almost exclusively to MP3's stored on my local NAS. A lot of my listening is podcasts, and a lot of that is longish ones like LSE lectures or college classes. I also listen to lots of audio books (again as MP3's, not commercial ones like Audible) and old-tyme radio dramas. I control all this from the Android app.

One feature that should be trivially-easy to implement is a bookmark scheme. Sometimes when I'm listening to a podcast or spoken material I want to stop and switch to music. Maybe it's time for my exercise or maybe guests are coming over. But when I'm done I want to return to my spoken-word content.where I left off. I originally requested a bookmark feature like this back in 2010, and I just spoke to tech support a few hours ago and he said they STILL don't have a way to do this! I can't believe that in 2019 I still have to keep a pad of Post-It notes handy for keeping track of Sonos timestamps so I can pick up where I left off! Why is this a hard problem?

1 reply

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Sonos only support podcast-friendly features such as this on music services that choose to implement them, there is no such support on local libraries, or on "regular" music services.

I've been writing code against Sonos systems for almost a decade and this is far from "trivially-easy to implement".