• 21 August 2018
  • 4 replies

I have a number of Sonos speakers but my hearing is deteriorating and, unfortunately, the quality of the speakers is only as good as my hearing-aids - so the sound I hear is not very good.
Are Sonos speakers bluetooth compatible? - as I am considering Bone Conduction Bluetooth headphones which transmit sound through the cheekbones missing out my failing eardrums

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4 replies

No, the Sonos ecosystem doesn't have any built in bluetooth support. If you have a CONNECT, you could easily set up a bluetooth transmitter to the analog out RCA jacks, though.
I have a CONNECT linked to a Hi-Fi system through the headphone jack - so the RCA out on the CONNECT are not in use.
Will this work for a Bluetooth transmitter?
Yes, you could indeed connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the analog output on a CONNECT.
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It would work, as long as you don't get more than 10 meters away . . .