Better buffering with TuneIn

  • 19 October 2018
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My problem would disappear with a stronger internet connection... I know that in advance... However that's not going to change, so here's my issue.

My internet connection is quite weak, it'll give quick speed one second, slow the next. If I play YouTube videos I have absolutely no problem... It buffers ahead during the quality connection time and uses the buffer during the poor connection time... Works flawlessly.

However, when I try and play radio through TuneIn on Sonos, it's awful. Far less bandwidth is used, but the stations drop all the time. Can it not make proper use of a buffer? Is there a setting to change this??


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2 replies

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Hi, haverer2. Sadly, no. You are going to suffer this buffering issue as long as your internet speed is insufficient. Perhaps another has a workaround, so I'll be following the thread. I would be surprised, however.
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Only choice may be have your phone do buffering and send to Sonos - like if use airplay from an iPhone.