Best Hi Fi streaming Music service for Sonos

  • 1 May 2018
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Hello, I’m cirious to listen to your personal experiences with streaming Music services.
Personally as user interface for me the best is Apple Music, also integrated in my IPhone, but since I discovered CD quality audio files FLAC (lossless) I’m moving to deezers HiFi or Tidal HiFi.
As user interface I really like Deezer, and since I don’t want to pay for 2 different streaming services, which is in your opinion the best for Sonos? Tidal HiFi, Deezer HiFi, Qobuz HiFi.
Please evaluate it in terms of:
- user interface
- catalogue
- audio quality
- price
- exclusives
- personal experience
- other

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1 reply

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It depends..

I like the most of them Tidal. I like tidal because the videos and Master quality MQA. ( only on desktop ) also I like the app and desktop application. Very good looking app.

Qobuz is a good streaming service to but.. is a streaming service that is more focused on classical and older music. Less on top 40 music.
Qobuz have a less good looking app more a ok. Looking app.

Both off this streaming services have human curators for making playlists. And no machine learning for discovering music. ( showing you albums you “maybe” like because you listen before to a song or artist on that moment or time..

This bring me to Deezer.. deezer is a service with machine learning and give you recommendations about music and artist you listen and like in the past.. the best function on deezer is flow.. a radio station based on your music. Mixed likes and new songs in 1 station.

All bring Hifi sound quality.
Only Tidal give master quality on the same price.
Qobuz give 24 bit quality when you buy a year subscription. But other subscription give you only hifi sound or mp3 sound quality.

All the services have a 30 day free try.
Deezer have 42milion songs. But lot of karaoke versions from songs. Flow radio and machine learning recommendations also they have lyrics. With a lot off songs.

Tidal have 52milion songs and lot of exclusives. Also videoclips and concerts videos. Series and exclusive videos from artists. And playlists maked by humans. Tidal you can use the app for play music on Sonos. Without the Sonos app.

Qobuz have I remember around 40 million songs.
And playlists by humans. And some extra information what they say about the music and artists also you can buy music on there site.

Try with all the desktop and mobile application.

And remember 24 bit isn’t supported by Sonos. Only on desktop application.
But most people don’t hear the difference. So don’t focus to much on the 24 bit audio.