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Unable to Browse or Play Music.  Its been unstable for at least a week now. 

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Hello David,

Did you try to remove and re add Beats from the Sonos system? If yes did you notice any changes? 

Could you please Submit a Diagnostic and send me back the number via this tread? I will have a look at it.



It was working fine yesterday. Without trying it again this AM, I removed and added the service as you suggested.  It seems to be ok.  The requested diagnostic is 4040397.
Thanks for your help.

Pierre, In case it helps I've submitted diagnostic 4043884 for your review.  Its in the midst of several 'unable's" right now.
I haven't been able to access Beats Music for almost 2 days now.
I'm having these issues on iPad as well. "Unables" throughout browsing Beats on iPad.
At this moment Beats Music is operating correctly.  Hopefully whatever was 'resolved' will make the service stable.  Time will tell. Thanks Pierre


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