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Told by whom? An in-store salesperson? There is a lesson learned then.

And no need to shout.
Agree with Derek. Sonos will fail in the UK (as well as all the other locations that people require the service) if they don't address the BBC iPlayer problem soon, despite the excellent hardware.

I have not yet seen an adequate explanation of why this service is not offered by Sonos.
It's presumably not offered because the BBC hasn't done the necessary work to build the interface. Online providers are free to work with Sonos through the music partners programme. It takes two to tango.

As for 'failing in the UK' somehow I doubt it. There are dozens of other services available on Sonos, not to mention thousands of internet radio stations and of course the option to play purchased music. Besides, selected BBC shows are available through the TuneIn directory service.
Fail in the UK because no iPlayer? I hardly know where to start. I was for three years a Sonos reseller until recently. I was asked about iPlayer once, and all my customers have been delighted with the system despite the absence of iPlayer.

You do know that the BBC's "listen again" service is available on Sonos?
Sorry about 'shouting' Wasn't aware that was what I was doing.

When we bought the system(s) we were told by the salesman (Currys) that it would indeed work with the BBC i player system.
Having moved house I have only recently started to use the system and was very disappointed to learn the most popular download service in the uk is not compatable with Sonos.

I have a £20 sound bar in my garage and that can play BBC i player downloads, and being not particularly technical can't really understand why the quite expensive Sonos is not able to do so.

I wonder if anything is being done to address this shortcoming?
Is it a shortcoming only because your sales rep said it would work and it doesn't? I would take it up with him.
Are you wanting to listen to an audio only stream of BBC television programmes, or BBC Radio programmes? If the former, then, as others have said you will be out of luck (there are ways, but they involve other Sonos products which you don't seem keen on right now). If the latter, then you have TuneIn radio will will give you access to the BBC listen again (as John B said), which is essentially "iPlayer for BBC radio".

You have purchased a very good piece of kit though which will get better with time as the Sonos team develop it further. Give it a chance

As for advice from any Curry's salesperson, I'm afraid I wouldn't take it. I have been working with computers for almost 20 years now and I am still shocked by what I overhear in Currys/PC World stores. Some of it must be poor training, but some appear to be flat out lies to get a sale. If audio of BBC television was your sole purpose, then I would take it back and make a point to the management about the misinformation you recieved.
Yes, I've been happily listening to the on-demand Proms broadcasts on my Play:1 stereo pair over the last week or so.
The BBC's website says that iPlayer radio is "available on computers, mobiles and tablets". They are choosing not to make it available on systems such as Sonos. I'm not sure, but I think you can't even get it on a TV. Listen Again provides a reasonable alternative. To follow @TheLHC's example, just type "proms" into the universal search and look under Podcasts and Shows,
I totally agree, I checked first that we could play BBC Radio and have not been able to. Sonos have been useless, they claim it only impacts some people but changing hardware wouldn't help. They have no timeline of as fix yet claim they are "in" test which as anyone in software knows that isn't true. The only response I get is either test it again or an email saying as we haven't heard from we are closing your call.

I have been shocked by the pitiful service from Sonos. As far as the retailer is concerned the speaker isn't faulty so why should they take it back, its the software that doesn't work and I agree with them. The retailer has been far more understanding than Sonos who absolutely don't care. As a family we can't go indefinitely with no access to the only radio channels we listen to.
So let me understand this: The BBC won't release their product to Sonos, but Sonos is the crappy product?
For the record, all the BBC live radio channels are perfectly accessible on Sonos.
They are available and were used to demo in store but they only play for about 20 minutes before skipping continually. The Sonos product is a reasonably good product but to have no BBC support is poor and that should be made known in the UK at least. This would have impacted my decision to buy it and I actually ended up buying a Connect to see if it improved or stopped the skipping but just ended up wasting another £80. I think this is a big problem in the UK...
Skipping is a network or a bandwidth problem... not a Sonos problem. If you're having that problem at home, contact support and they will iron it out for you. Some things are out of their control. Your money wasn't wasted.
I contacted them numerous times and they said it was a known issue with the BBC channels not the network...Ironically they told me the Connect was causing interference and not to use it...
Interesting. And my apologies then.
To be fair they did spend a few hours checking channels and bandwidth.
CONNECT causing interference? That doesn't make much sense. Nor does £80. You must have bought a BOOST, not a CONNECT, and wired it to your router to switch to 'BOOST Setup'.

You probably do indeed have some basic network issues. In my experience there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the BBC stations. Perhaps your BOOST was too close to the router -- it should be placed at least 0.5m away. Perhaps the router's WiFi was introducing interference, by a suboptimal choice of wireless channels. Perhaps the vestiges of 'Standard Setup' in the system were causing problems.

I suggest you submit a system diagnostic after a radio skip/drop, and post the confirmation number here. Sonos Support should take another look.
Your right it was Boost and I did get Sonos to help set it up and measured it all out. I've sent many diagnostics. Sonos have all this logged from my hours on the phone so maybe they could chip in to clarify the conversation..
Can we set the record straight on a few things, because there has been some ill-informed comment in this thread..

Sonos does internet radio well, and that has included BBC live channels. In the recent past the BBC have been very unhelpful. Last year they changed the format of their streams without any warning, screwing up the ability of Sonos and other platforms to provide reliable streams. I think that took out "listen again" at the same time. Sonos worked to make things compatible again, and reintroduced reliable live streams first and then recently "listen again".

In the last couple of weeks there have many reports of renewed problems with BBC streams. I suspect the BBC is at fault again, as other internet radio is OK. Whatever the cause, the historical norm has been for Sonos to offer reliable BBC streams and I'm sure it will be again. To talk of Sonos not offering BBC radio is nonsense.

Sonos has never had iPlayer radio, and has never suggested it was coming. but has an open and free API which the BBC could use to get iPlayer radio on board with Sonos if it were inclined to do so.
However you dress it up Sonos cannot play BBC live radio and is therefore an expensive waste of money if that is what you listen to, as I do. I do not want to listen to commercial radio...It doesn't do Bluetooth so until this issue is sorted Sonos is not an option for people who want to listen to BBC radio and they should tell retailers to tell customers in the UK before buying. Or any country for that matter.
I have been listening to BBC Radio 4 on Sonos for the last 45 minutes without a hitch. Maybe I just got lucky.
Fail in the UK because no iPlayer? I hardly know where to start. I was for three years a Sonos reseller until recently. I was asked about iPlayer once, and all my customers have been delighted with the system despite the absence of iPlayer.

You do know that the BBC's "listen again" service is available on Sonos?

Please explain how to access the BBC 'listen again' service. Thank you.
Use the universal search. Type in name of programme you want, for example "proms". Look under Podcasts and Shows (rather than Artists or Albums etc). Select recent episodes. Look for your show.

Come back on here if any problems. It's not as complete as iPlayer radio but still useful.