BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Xtra

  • 6 September 2021
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Is anyone else having problems with BBC Radio 5 Live Sports extra. Tried tuning in this morning through my Sonos, but it's not playing and says that access is denied. I see that access is denied from outside UK but I am in the UK. Anyone else having the same problem or does anyone have a possible solution to this?

Any help greatly appreciated.

5 replies

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There was a reddit post about this (specifically the cricket coverage) and the official Sonos response was this stream is currently broken so use a different aggregator for now (ie not TuneIn).

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It was Facebook not reddit:

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Yes I had this issue with TuneIn and Sonos Radio. I changed to RadioPlayer and that is/was ok

Thank you so much for your responses. I have changed to RadioPlayer, which was very easy to do, and my problem is resolved.

Can you confirm this definitely works using RadioPlayer? I can get the main BBC stations to play but not Sports Extra. Is it just me?