Bbc radio 2 dropping out frequently

  • 15 September 2015
  • 2 replies

Can anyone help? I played it just now, then stopped it to do something else then when I went to restart it, it says unable to play radio 2, station not found. I did a diagnostic 4903307.

This happens a lot and I'd really like to know how to fix it please! Sometimes it just can't maintain enough speed to keep the connection (I have fibre broadband so should be fast enough), often Sonos can't find the station (I search by station now, not from my favourite stations list). Most often it just cuts out and turns itself off.

2 replies

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Saschlet - there is a long thread on this but I will give you the version that will not give you a headache.

The BBC last year decided to change their streaming format to a new format called HLS. This is a type of streaming that most home streamers could not decode. Therefore Sonos/TuneIn had to move BBC stations onto some old MP3 streams that are not reliable. The MP3 streams are what you are listening to and they are prone to dropouts since the BBC is no longer actively improving them.

Ok the good news part. Sonos is adding HLS ability. They have said it is in internal testing to be released this fall to everyone. Keep an eye out for any new public betas (the current one just has Spotify improvements). We are expecting the HLS beta release any time. Once you update to that release then your BBC stations will be the new HLS streams and your problems should go away.
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Here is the main thread - you may want to add it to your favorites so you don't miss the HLS release


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