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  • 30 December 2017
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When is this going to be sorted out? I purchased Sonos 1 last year only to find iPlayer doesn't work with Sonos.

Save the methods in which people are getting round this. I use "stream what you hear". But it takes time to set up, I have to get the laptop out. The available stations and podcast don't come even close to the functionality of iplayer.

I want iplayer in the services in the Sonos software. Simple

Sort it out with the BBC. You have done with other services. Sonos may not be aware of the part the BBC plays in the UK and sheer amount of high quality content they provide. Maybe there is the licence issue? But isn't that dealt with when you agree to use the iplayer, rather than sonos?

Unfortunately I will be selling my Sonos One on ebay and moving to a different streaming system as it doesn't seem like this issue has been given any kind of attention at all in the past 12 months. It is this issue that prevented me adding to my Sonos system this Christmas.

A very disappointed Sonos user

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1 reply

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Unfortunately, your dissatisfaction is misplaced. Sonos can't unilaterally make BBC content available through their speakers, other than through other means that the BBC uses (like the BBC streams available through TuneIn because the BBC lists them there). The BBC needs to be involved in making it work. If the BBC doesn't want to do it, there's nothing that Sonos can do about it.