Auto revert to music queue after turning off the TV.

  • 25 January 2018
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For years, whenever I turned on the television, Sonos would automatically switch from whatever music was playing to the TV's digital audio output, as expected. Then, after turning off the TV, Sonos would automatically switch back to the music queue—it didn’t start playing the music again, but only queued it back up where it had left off before. Then, when I wanted to listen to music, I had only to press play (and maybe clear a dialog box to confirm).

Recently—with the latest update, I think—that post-TV refocusing feature is gone. The controller stays focused on the TV after I turn if off, and until I proactively select a playlist or music service, whether an hour or a day later. Now, listening to music after watching TV requires a bunch of taps I never had to make before.

I couldn’t find a Preferences check box to get back the old behavior, and neither could the Sonos tech support fellow.

So, I’m writing to ask you to please give me back at least the option of the old behavior.

Thanks for reading this.

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1 reply


My understanding was that this was indeed an issue with the 8.2 release, but was supposed to be fixed with 8.3. Can you double check which version of the software you're running by looking at "About My Sonos System" in your settings for the controller app?

If you're indeed running 8.3 both as a controller, as well as on your PAYBAR/PLAYBASE, I'd recommend that you submit a system diagnostic within 10 minute of experiencing this issue, and call in to Sonos to discuss. There's a strong possibility that the information will help Sonos track down any potential issue, and calling in might give them the opportunity to remote into your system and do some poking around to see what's going on.