Audio delay

  • 2 March 2020
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I have Sonos Play 3 and Pla 5 1st gen.

There is audio delay as much as 2 sec or more while playing youtube video with the 3.5 mm audio jack plugged on rear panel of the Sonos Play 5. No wifi used for Audio. When same audio jack is removed from Sonos and plugged into my other simple speaker, there is no delay. So we cannot use these Sonos units for watching video, but only for audio.

2 replies

Correct, there is always a slight delay when using an analog line in on a Sonos device. It can be reduced by making changes to the line in setting, but can not be eliminated, as it serves to help Sonos prepare the signal to be played across all attached Sonos speakers in the system, as well as the more mundane changing the signal from analog to digital.  And no, there isn’t any way to get sound that delay in the Sonos software. At this point. I’ve never seen any suggestion that Sonos is intending to change that, either.

This is why the entire Sonos ecosystem has never been marketed as computer speakers, and why Sonos came out eventually with speakers specifically designed to connect to TV’s, using lower latency digital inputs on the Sonos PLAYBAR, PLAYBASE, and Beam.