Are you going to add the app Mixlr to the avaialble music offerings?

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Mixlr is an app to stream live music. Will it be added to the offerings?

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Hello, I am going to move this from the Questions section of this site to the Idea section. It will be become a feature request for Sonos to support Mixlr as one of the available music services. Other Sonos User can vote and promote the idea, and it will be submitted to the Sonos Product Development team for review. Thank you for your suggestion and have a good day.
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Yes. We want this.
Definitely want it.
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Please, please, please
Please add MIXLR to SONOS.  This might be the final determination for me to keep my new SONOS system.  I love my new SONOS system but feel I should be able to listen to all internet content not just SONOS approved sites!
Would be great to see Mixlr support too. Would make my wife very happy with our new Sonos system.
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Well said Landon. I'm very disappointed I can't listen to what I really want to. Add panicstream too.
Exactly, Panicstream & MIXLR would be ideal!  From what SONOS says the more people who request a particular site the better chance they add it!  I feel SONOS would be the best thing going if I can play anything I choose at anytime but the restrictions might make me return my new system! Get the word out!
Please add Mixlr...
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Add it!
Just do it. Get it done. ASAP.
Please add Mixlr integration. I think it would attract more customers and would be great for many current users.
Please add it! It's a shame I can't listen to Panic on my new Sonos!!! Panicstream as well!!
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Please add it ASAP!
Please please, a live band on this station produces unbelievable matrix sound from their live shows and I can not think of anything much better then being able to stream them through my sonos at home !!
Yes yEs yeS
I'd like to add my weight behind this please. I broadcast a weekly show on MIXLR and it would be fantastic for listeners to tune in on Sonos.
Please add MIXLR to your services! I listen to hundreds of hours of MIXLR shows. When home I 1/8" jack into my Play5s  but all my buddies have Play1 and Play3 and it gets frustrating. Also, having a plugin that would allow me to stream any website music would be or Panicstream. Thanks!
Well said Rob! SONOS, can someone provide any updates to this post & the status of MIXLR & Panicstream being added to SONOS?
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come on about adding MIXLR?  WSP Summer Tour just kicked off, sure would be nice to stream through my Sonos system.
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Definitely add Mixlr to sonos
Add it
pretty please with sugar on top
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Come on Sonos, what is taking so long to add Mixlr?

How many more people have to request it?